Will Sadio Mane be in EA FC 24?

Sadio Mane EA FC

Sadio Mane EA FC

As EA FC 24 approaches closer and closer, deep dives and pitch notes continue to be released getting EA FC fans excited about the new title.

As we approach the new title, EA FC fans are continuing to debate about predicted EA FC 24 ratings, new players, and new clubs that will be in the game.

This summer has been a busy one for the Saudi Pro League as they look to continue bringing in more top players, our latest transfer has been Sadio Mane to Al Nassr.

Will Sadio Mane be in EA FC 24?

Yes, Sadio Mane will be in the new title of EA FC 24 playing for Al Nassr. Sadio Mane has transferred from Bayern Munich to Al Nassr joining Cristiano Ronaldo in attack. His £35M transfer to the Saudi League makes him one of many players to have made the move to the Saudi Pro League this summer.

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Sadio Mane is set to make £34M salary tax-free in the Saudi Pro League, however, has recently stated that he was hurt leaving Bayern Munich:

"Leaving FC Bayern hurts me. I would have wished for a different ending. I know that I could have helped the team this season. I wanted to prove it to everyone this season. Nevertheless, I only wish the club and the fans the best for the future,"

EA FC 24 Sadio Mane Rating

Sadio Mane is currently 89 rated in FIFA 23, however after a difficult season with Bayern Munich and with Mane getting older while joining the Saudi Pro League. We predict that Sadio Mane will receive a -1 downgrade in EA FC 24 making him 88 rated.
He will still pair up nicely with Cristiano Ronaldo in EA FC 24, especially after they receive special cards which we predict there will be many from the Saudi Pro League. It will be interesting to see how quality players such as Sadio Mane do in the Saudi Pro League and how they raise the quality levels of their team!

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