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FC 24: EA title gets another SHOCKING review!

EA FC 24

FC 24 has only been on the shelves for just under two months, but some players have already checked out and moved on.

Since it was launched in September, FC 24 has come under scrutiny due to its unplayable state caused by several bugs, glitches, and other gameplay issues.

Fans responded furiously, prompting swift action from EA, who have released five Title Updates in a desperate bid to fix the game, but even that seems too little too late.

Aside from Ultimate Team users who continue to enjoy plenty of Season 2 content including TOTW 8, and Triple Threat Team 1, many players have not felt prioritised, and subsequently given up on FC 24 as a recent tweet has shockingly highlighted.

Players abandon FC 24

YouTuber Manny Brown asked his followers for their honest thoughts on FC 24, and over 80 replies later, the overall opinion couldn't be any clearer!

Other than the odd positive assessment, damning reviews dominate the comments section, with several players admitting they've already given up on the game.

EA FC 24
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FC 24

Although specific issues are noted in some of the responses, it appears that a combination of repetitiveness, lack of changes, and gameplay-related flaws are the main reasons behind the recent player exodus.

"Already stopped playing a month ago it got boring so fast," one reply said, while another read: "Basically done with it already. I only play squad battles which takes maybe 8 hours a week. The negatives far outweigh the positives."

Fellow YouTuber and gamer R9Rai also weighed in on the discussion, backing up the majority of comments. "I've stopped playing boring game," he put bluntly.

These are just a few of the responses, with several more brutally honest opinions featured here.

Unfortunately, as an avid FIFA fan, it's extremely hard to disagree with these takes. FC 24 feels very much like a copy-and-paste job from previous titles, and rather annoyingly, it's no surprise whatsoever.

Electronic Arts say the early results following the release of FC 24 have been positive, but whether or not that's still the case, we're not so sure!

Have you stopped playing the game already? Let us know.

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