FC 24: A Year in review

FC 24

FC 24 has been a content-filled crazy football game since debuting in September 2023, and EA has taken a look back at the game in numbers!

It has been a rollercoaster few months playing FC 24 this year, with tons of updates, content, and matches played, there have been a lot of changes made in just a small amount of time.

Some things haven't changed though, and those will be covered in this piece, so let's take a look at FC 24's year in numbers.

FC 24 A year in review

EA has released a piece via their website taking a look at all of their current games in numbers, including FC 24, Madden, and more!

This gives us a great insight into how the game is played, from the most popular teams to the most used players in the game, and the numbers are simply incredible.

With millions of players worldwide in 200+ nations playing FC 24, the numbers truly are astonishing, and with Ultimate Team being the most popular game mode, EA has highlighted some incredible stats.

FC 24
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FC 24 2023 in numbers

Ultimate Team

FC 24 debuted women's players into Ultimate Team for the very first time, and this has been a huge hit, not only with gamers but for the women's teams and players too, as the popularity of the sport is continuing to grow.

Women's football stars have become favourites in Ultimate Team purely because of their in-game ability, and the likes of Kadidiatou Diani, Alex Morgan, and Caroline Graham Hansen have all become even more popular thanks to FC 24.

772 million women's player items have featured in the starting XI of Ultimate Team matches this year, and the game is still relatively new!

On top of that, there have been 373 million Ultimate Team squads with 1+ women's player items in their starting XI so far!

Another fantastic new addition to Ultimate Team this year has been Evolutions, allowing people to upgrade their favourite players by evolving them.

There have been 15.6 million Evolutions started in FC 24 Ultimate Team so far, and there are plenty more EVOs on the horizon.

FC 24 Other Modes

The amount of players involved with FC 24 around the world is astonishing, and since its release, there have been 1.7 billion cross-play matches played!

That's almost a quarter of the world's population!

The most popular match-up in men's football is Paris Saint-Germain vs. Real Madrid, with Real Madrid the most used team in the game.

As for the women's teams, Arsenal vs. Chelsea is the most popular fixture, with Chelsea the most popular women's team.

And this ties up nicely with the two top scorers in FC 24 this year, with PSG's Kylian Mbappe unsurprisingly the men's top goal scorer, and Chelsea's Sam Kerr the highest women's scorer.

FC 24
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Kylian Mbappe

The world's most popular football video game continues to impress, and the stats show just how much of an influence FC 24 has on the world of football.

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