Key Mode MISSING From EA FC 24 Beta

Ultimate Team fans are already becoming frustrated with EA Sports FC 24, with many claiming that they can’t access the game mode on FC 24’s Closed Beta.

EA released Beta codes to a select number of FIFA players on 10 August, but many of the chosen ones are seeing problems with their game.

Each individual email that was sent out, had a Beta code attached, along with a list of game modes that each player could access, however, there are claims that those promised Ultimate Team access, aren’t being given an option in their main menu.

What is being said?

In the EA Answers forum, stolzer_pfosten said: “There are only, FC Live, Kick Off, Learn to Play, Seasons, Tournaments, Co-Op Seasons, and Online Friendlies.

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Grealish cannot see Ultimate Team

“And in my email, it’s written that I can play these things WITH Ultimate Team.”

456 people also had this problem, with another member of the forum, JuanJold30 stating: “My Closed Beta email said I would be able to play UT, but the game mode isn’t on when I’ve installed the Beta.”

Is EA fixing the issue?

EA_rephii, a Community Manager at EA Sports responded to the thread, with an update on 14 August, which has seemed to put the wheels in motion to resolve the issue in some capacity.

The statement said: “We have raised the issue on the missing game mode to the team to take a look.

“We apologise for the inconvenience, and we will update you once we have more information on it.”

Can players now access Ultimate Team?

Although EA is aware of the issue and may have fixed it for the people who could not access Ultimate Team when the Beta was first released, there are still individuals who claim that they cannot access the game mode.

Twitter user @BatchR6_ commented below the EA Help post in relation to the Beta, he said: “Give me my Ultimate Team you promised me.”

So it seems that not everyone can access the game modes which they were promised when the Beta codes were released.

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