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FC Mobile

EA FC 24 is finally here, kind of... the FC Mobile 24 beta has officially been released giving fans a first look into what to expect within this new title.

With the initial hype surrounding the new title when EA Sports announced that there will be the new title rebranded as FC Mobile 24, fans were very excited as new gameplay features teased that mobile gaming could be in for a huge upgrade.

The FC Mobile 24 beta has been out for approximately 24 hours now so let's dive into the initial reaction of the game!

FC Mobile release date

The FC Mobile beta is available from 31, July 2023 for fans in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and Romania. The beta will be available until Thursday, 31, August 2023.

FC Mobile reaction

As pointed out by @KJavierFM there are no changes in the EA FC 24 market system, EA FC Transfer Market still has 10% market tax for all players sold.

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While this is not a major concern for players at the current transfer market system works fine, there does seem to be a little disappointment as fans had hopes of at least a new design for the transfer market.

FC Mobile customisation

A huge edition for FC Mobile fans as customisation joins mobile. With many of new customisation factures added into EA FC 24, we can now see these also in FC Mobile.

Players can now customise shirt numbers, the ball used, and many other options such as emotes and celebrations, allowing for a more authentic and unique experience while playing the game.

DUB for customisation!
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DUB for customisation!

FC Mobile new design

EA Sports introduce a new design for FC Mobile, however, fans aren't overly happy with it with Reddit user amblessinme stating, 'current card design is much better' with many fans agreeing in the comments, 'Looks like a massive downgrade. Hopefully, they change this to fit the current layout'.

Fc Mobile Squad
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Fc Mobile Squad

Positive gameplay changes

Firstly, the notorious "Lane Change Spamming" techniquMobile'sbeen reined in by the developers. While players can still perform up to five consecutive lane changes, the speed of successive lane changes will be significantly reduced. This means that after executing the first lane change, subsequent lane changes will occur at a slower pace. This change has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm, as it promotes more balanced and strategic gameplay, discouraging excessive reliance on the lane change tactic.

Secondly, the issue of "Cross Spamming" has been tackled head-on by EA FC Mobile 24. With defenders and goalkeepers now receiving substantial buffs, the previously rampant cross spamming tactic has become far less effective. Players will now need to use more skillful techniques, such as double tapping, to execute successful cross attempts. Additionally, the goalkeeper's increased agility and ability to respond to unmarked strikers add an exciting element to the game, making it more challenging and enjoyable for both attackers and defenders.

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