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EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: How to qualify for Champs, release date & time

EA FC 24 Champs

EA Sports FC 24 is finally here, and millions of players have got their hands on EA FC 24 early access, the standard edition is up next being released on the 29 September 2023 just in time for UT Champs!

With tons of new features added to the game from FIFA 23, we have everything you need to get you fully prepared for EA's newest release, including Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Clubs, as well as the best Evolutions cards, and even the best formation and tactics in FC 24!

Talking of Ultimate Team, one key feature that has been in place for a few years now is Champs. It's a competitive game mode that gives players a chance to win games and earn big rewards, and we are going to tell you how to qualify!

When does FC 24 Ultimate Team Champs begin and finish?

The very first UT Champs of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has been delayed for one week, starting on Friday 6 October 2023 at 8am BST and will end on Monday 9 October 2023 at 8am BST. You will have three days to complete as many of the 30 matches as possible giving yourself the best chance at earning bigger rewards.

Champs will continue to be out at these times every week from now, however, there may be some changes due to FC 24 servers dropping so make sure you stay up to date with @EASFCDirect.

How to qualify for Champs?

Champs is not just a game mode for the illustrious eSports players, as much as they do play it, it is available to everyone on EA FC 24.

Champions EA FC 24
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Champions EA FC 24

There are many pros and cons to playing Champs, but overall it is the most exciting feature of Ultimate Team!

Earn Champs rewards by playing games against other players, and the more times you win, the better your rewards will be, it's that simple. However, with the competitiveness of the game mode, stress levels can be very high!

Champions is fairly simple to qualify for, but it takes some time. You will need to earn qualification points by completing matches in Rivals.

Rivals and Champions Playoffs

Rivals allow you to play against other players, with wins, draws, and even losses earning you qualification points, although obviously, a win gets you more!

Once you have reached 1,250 Qualification Points, you will be good to go and get stuck into the Champions Playoffs.

You will then need to win a minimum of four games out of 10 to make the Champions Finals for the weekend, in which you will play against a wide range of players, with all different skill levels.

Champions Playoffs EA FC 24
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Champions Playoffs

Be warned, this is a weekly thing, however, playing Champions every week will have great benefits for your Ultimate Team, and you will have an incredible team in no time!

Note: You can also earn qualification points in Champions rewards.

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