EA FC 24: Exciting SBC changes ahead of new game!

Information is continually being revealed for EA FC 24, almost on a daily basis, and this is adding to the excitement surrounding the upcoming title.

Following the initial reveal and in-depth exploration of the game, we are beginning to gain a better understanding of what it will entail.

The most recent update that was introduced in FIFA 23 has undergone testing and will also be incorporated into EA FC 24.

SBC tab changes

One notable area that has seen changes is the Squad Building Challenges (SBC) section. EA has rolled out an update to the layout of the tabs menu, which now includes the following tabs:

  • Players
  • Upgrades
  • Challenges
  • Icons
  • Swaps
  • Foundations

As you may be able to notice there is one tab that has been removed, being the Live tab.

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Credit: Via @FIFA22_INFO on Twitter

A recent twitter poll conducted by @FifaDocX indicates that fans have differing opinions on whether these SBC tab changes have improved or worsened the section. Only a slight 5.5% majority believe that the update has made it better, with the rest of the respondents holding mixed views.

Fan votes
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As more details continue to surface about EA FC 24, gamers and enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating its release. The recent alterations to the SBC tab layout have sparked discussions and debates within the gaming community.

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With FIFA fans happy to see a UI change in FIFA, it keeps us optimistic to see more UI changes in EA FC 24. With many fans calling for a 'hide SBC' option specifically for SBC's that are there all year round.

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Upcoming deep dives

With a little over two months left until the release day of this new era of football gaming, EA has ample time to fill and a great deal of hype to sustain until the big day.

To achieve this, they are gradually unveiling information as we progress through the summer months. A recent announcement has indicated that there will be five in-depth explorations for FC 24, promising an exhilarating journey for the fans.

Road map
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With the gameplay deep dive already revealed it is now time to look forward to the Career Mode deep dive at the end of July.

Followed by Matchday Experience, Ultimate Team and Clubs in August.

Keep up to date with the latest EA FC 24 information over on RealSport101.

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