DOTA 2: two-time TI Champions, Ana & Topson Join T1 just before SEA Regionals

The DPC Tour 2022 has come to an end with the coronation of Team Spirit in the DOTA Arlington Major.

Now we know who are the first 12 teams to qualify for the International. For the rest of the teams, the road to Singapore starts with big and surprising news.

Former OG legends, Anathan Pham (Ana) and Topias Taavitsainen (Topson) join the Korean team T1, just before the SEA Qualifiers.

The move has shocked the DOTA community and most likely got worried some teams, at least in South East Asia.

When are the SEA Qualifiers start?

Ana and Topson will start their adventure on September 3, 2022, when the South East Asia Qualifiers begin.

Only the champion of the Regional tournament will obtain a direct ticket to TI11. The second and third places will join the Last Chance Qualifiers.

T1 Roster Rumble

Just five days ago, T1 informed us through their Twitter account that the team was parting ways with their carry player Gabbi and midlaner Karl before the Regional Tournament started.

But nobody imagine that T1t would sign the best free agents in the market, days after making bold moves on their rosters.

After taking some break from the competition to enjoy his family and moving to Malaysia, Topson is back with the intention to play in the International.

In the case of Ana he has been back to back, a stand-in for Team Liquid in the Riyad Masters and RNG in the Arlington Major.

Some might think there is not enough time to prepare for the competition, but the situation is not new for Topson and Ana.

Topson & Ana know the drill.

Back in 2018, both players start their journey to immortality by joining OG, which lost three of its members, months before the International.

OG played the Last Chance Qualifiers and become the TI8, just to come back to TI9 and rise the Aegis for a second time. The only team to win two International Championships.

Let's see how long will be their run this time. In the meantime, fans are happy to see two great players back into DOTA.

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