Destiny 2 Iron Banner COUNTDOWN (July 12-19): Release Time, Event & Rewards

Returning for the second and last time in Season of the Haunted is Destiny 2's Iron Banner.

The one-week-long premiere PvP event will be making the rounds once more and this time, this new-look Iron Banner will have had at least one appearance in Season 18, making it so players will have a better knowledge of how it'll operate going in. As always, it'll still bring on the extensive Multiplayer experience players know and love and, of course, it'll reward them accordingly.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Iron Banner, including its release time, new changes, and rewards.

Iron Banner Release Time

Destiny 2's Iron Banner returns on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, and finishes a week later on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

Instead of the event running once a month, now it'll be available twice a season, making it more in line with other annual events. It will be live in-game at 1 pm EST on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, allowing players to participate in the all-out PvP fun.

Follow along with our countdown below to catch the Iron Banner right on time.

Iron Banner (July 12-19)

This will be the final Iron Banner event for Season of the Haunted. This means that another one won't appear until Season 19. So make sure you don't miss out!

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What is the Iron Banner in Destiny 2?

Iron Banner is an event in the Crucible that appears twice a season. As always, it arrives at the weekly reset and leaves during the following.

Iron banner is usually a streamlined event that allows for players to do more in PvP, however, thanks to Season of the Haunted, it'll be a bit different this time around.

Iron Banner Changes in Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted

Thanks to Season of the Haunted and the 4.1.0 update, Iron Banner has undergone some extensive changes.

To start, Lord Saladin, now Bracus Forge, can be found in the spot where Eva Levenate usually hangs out in the Tower. There, he will give an introduction quest for the Iron Banner, removing the seasonal quest.

Iron Banner will no longer adopt Power Levels. This means that players of any level can partake in the event. Once they are in it, they will be able to participate in the famed Destiny 1 mode, Rift, which had players score a Spark in the enemy goal as it'll be making its return. This will allow for Iron Banner to swap between Control and it. Rift will be played on the highly-anticipated Disjunction map.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner COUNTDOWN (July 12-19): Release Time, Event & Rewards - Iron Banner
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NEW-LOOK: Iron Banner has changed with Season of the Haunted

Upon participating in matches, players will earn an additional Iron Banner reputation, earning a bonus based on their rank for winning. The reputation gain can be boosted even further if players wear a set of Iron Banner gear and weapons, maxing out a multiplier of up to 200%. Additionally, new daily challenges can give players an extra 100% reputation per each challenge completed. And as a little cherry on top, if players use an Iron Banner emblem, they'll get a 10% buff.

To top it all off, players can expect a new Iron Lord challenge, changes to rewards, and more.

For more information on the changes visit the official Bungie post here.

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Iron Banner Rewards

Ever since its introduction to the game, Iron Banner has always had the same rewards each month, which included armor, weapons, and cosmetics. However, due to the new update, this has changed.

Iron Banner tokens have now been removed in favor of a ranking system similar to Trials of Osiris'. This will bring on Iron Engrams that can be converted into any current Iron Banner weapons or armor that have been earned previously.

Additionally, according to Bungie, older Iron Banner gear and cosmetics will be making a return in the Iron Banner rewards as well.

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