Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted: Release Date, Iron banner Rework, & Latest Leaks

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From the Witch Queen expansion and Season 16 to the constant PvP events such as Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, Destiny 2 doesn't skip a beat with its new content, and plenty more of it is coming.

We're mere days away from Destiny 2 Season 17, also known as Season of the Haunted according to leaks. As it comes into the picture looking to make changes to Iron Banner, bring new content, and more.

With this in mind, here's everything we know about Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted, the game's upcoming 17th season.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Release Date

At this moment in time, Destiny 2 Season 17 has no confirmed release date. However, based on Bungie's latest This Week at Bungie (TWAB), we can infer when this new season will release.

So far, Destiny 2's 4.1.0 update is set to release on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, going live at 2pm EST.

Going alongside Bungie's most recent Tweet which stated that "we’re but days away from a new Season", we can expect Season of the Haunted to share the same fate, going live on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 as well.

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner rework coming in Season 17

One of the few confirmed changes and pieces of information coming to Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted is a rework to Iron Banner. This move entails several different changes namely to a major overhaul to Lord Saladin, now known as Valus Saladin, and much more.

Destiny 2 Season of  the Haunted: Release Date, Iron banner rework, Latest Leaks - Iron Banner
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Credit: Bungie
MONTHLY: Iron Banner is a PvP event that appears once a month

According to one of Bungie's most recent TWAB posts, the developers aim to make Iron Banner more of a holiday-like event, appearing only two weeks in a season. Alongside this is changes to the entire Tower, recognizing the arrival of Iron Banner as well as having Saladin take over Eva Levenate's spot.

Additionally, Iron Banner will no longer adopt power levels, meaning that players of any level can partake in the event. This was done by Bungie in hopes of getting more players to participate in the event.

Lastly, Iron Banner will be bringing back Rift, a new Iron Lord title, a new introductory quest that explains all of the new changes to the event, and new bonus multipliers for reputation from completed daily challenges as well for players wearing pieces of an Iron Banner armor set.

Trials of Osiris changes in Season 17

Alongside Iron Banner, Destiny 2's marquee PvP event, Trials of Osiris, is also receiving a revision. Although not as big, it'll still be fairly significant.

The changes will bring on tweaks to the map system, rewards, and adjustments for capture zones or freelance mode.

These changes include Capture Zone and Freelance weekends continuing, seven maps per season in the rotation, with one being decided via player vote, and Adept reward changes as well.

Additionally, this next upcoming weekend will be a Freelance weekend that will have Zone control enabled. It will also be the final Trials of Osiris for a short bit due to it going on a hiatus according to Bungie.

Destiny 2 Season of  the Haunted: Release Date, Iron banner rework, Latest Leaks - Trials of Osiris new cosmetics
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Credit: Bungie
NEWLY ADDED: Trials of Osiris will have new cosmetics for players to acquire

Following that break, the event will be met with new loot to earn such as a new Fusion Rifle and a new Sidearm. Lastly, a new cosmetic will also arrive following the Trials of Osiris break, one that includes a new Ghost, new armor, and a new Sparrow.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Leaks

Apart from Season 17's title leaking via datamining, the only other leaks have come from the developers of the game themselves.

Usually tight-lipped, Bungie accidentally gave fans of the game an exclusive screenshot from the upcoming Throne World PvP Level, Disjunction. Within the screenshot, the three expected new armor sets can be seen.

The leak shows armor and weaponry with a Fallen theme that can be evidenced by the hunter's cape being adorned by a revised emblem representing the Eliksni houses. Thanks to the leak, players can possibly expect an overall Fallen-themed season.

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