Does Destiny 2 have Crossplay Features yet?

Destiny 2 is comfortably into its' thirteenth season with the Season of the Chosen starting earlier this month. However, does Destiny 2 have crossplay yet?

Bungie's looter-shooter borers and MMO with its multiplayer focus and with the next-gen versions of the title now out, a lot of fans are wondering when the next important matchmaking feature will be implemented.

Below is everything you need to know about crossplay in Destiny 2.

Season 15

Bungie's most-recent Development Update has been talked about a lot more than usual because of one admission regarding crossplay in Destiny 2.

If everything goes to plan, crossplay will be coming to Destiny 2 in Season 15.

Destiny 2 Crossplay Season of the Chosen Bow Guardian
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CHOSEN - Destiny 2 crossplay is still about a year away, it seems

In the meantime, a series of internal tests and an Alpha period is being worked on for Season 14 in an effort to make sure the eventual rollout of crossplay in Destiny 2 Season 15 is smooth and unproblematic.

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Below, you can check out the excerpt that explains this:

Crossplay is coming to the masses in Season 15. We’ll be doing some internal rollouts and alpha tests in Season 14 to prepare for a widespread launch this fall. With Crossplay, you’ll be able to play with all your friends no matter what platform you call home. And don’t worry, we won’t be matching console and PC players together in the Crucible unless PC players specifically invite their console friends to play with them in the PC Crucible pools.

PC Still Separate

This will be something a lot of people are thankful for.

Bungie has confirmed that PC players and Console players will remain largely separate unless specifically and intentionally brought together.

What does this mean? Well, if you're searching for a Crucible match with crossplay enabled you shouldn't join a lobby of PC players.

Destiny 2 Crossplay Guardian Stasis
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FIGHT - Not sure you can stack up to PC players? You won't need too!

The only way around this, it seems, would be to either invite a PC Player or join a PC Player's party from a console.

What Else Is Coming?

In the Development Update, a few other things were discussed which should have Destiny 2 players looking forwards to what Bungie has planned for the future.

The Power Ecosystem for weapons is going to grow with each Destiny 2 season in Year 4. This is great news for those hardcore fans as it promises more progression will become available.

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It also means there will be, in general, more variety for players when it comes to new and exciting weapons from each expansion update.

In addition to this, Bungie committed to the following statement:

Future annual releases will contain more new weapons to collect than Beyond Light or Shadowkeep

This is fantastic news and, although the next major Destiny 2 expansion is being pushed back a little bit, gives players a lot to look forward to.

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