CoD Mobile Season 8 COUNTDOWN: Full patch notes and update release time confirmed

The Numbers Event is now underway in Warzone, but us Call of Duty fans can't forget about CoD Mobile Season 8 that's beginning very soon. We're counting down to the release of the update with everything you need to know about what's new, what time the update is out, and what's included in the full patch notes.

Latest - Full CoD Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes

The basic patch notes have been outlined by Activision, and you can see them below:

Battle Royale 2.0

  • New and improved visuals throughout
  • New weapon looting system
  • New health and armour system
  • Improved vehicle UI elements

Updated Crash Map

  • Crash, originally launched with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, is the most played map in Call of Duty: Mobile. For the Anniversary, players will be treated to a new and improved version of the map with updated graphics.

New Mode/ Limited Time Event – Counterattack

  • This new mode brings Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and PvE gameplay to Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale for the first time. Players complete missions given to them by NPCs and can even recruit NPCs and Mercenaries to help bring back event points in order to progress through the event and earn rewards.

However, a bunch of changes are coming to the maps and weapons in the game, and you can check them all out on the CoD Mobile Reddit page, where the patch notes are held.

CoD Mobile Season 8 Update Release Time

Activision has confirmed that the CoD Mobile Season 8 update will release at 8pm ET on September 22 or 1am BST on September 23.

You'll have an update to download then, but it shouldn't be too big. You'll then be able to jump into all the new content.

2nd Anniversary & Blackout Map

Since CoD Mobile is due to celebrate its 2nd anniversary very soon, the whole of Season 8 has been themed on just that.

cod mobile season 8
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Not only will it get some cool anniversary themed content, the Blackout battle royale map from Black Ops 4 will also be joining the game. The official word on that map's addition is below:

"Originally launched in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Blackout was the largest map in any Call of Duty game ever and featured parts of existing multiplayer maps such as Estate, Nuketown, Construction Site and many more. In addition to Blackout, the Battle Royale experience is being updated and enhanced. During the Anniversary season we’ll also be announcing an exciting new tournament set on the Blackout map."

Elsewhere for the 2nd anniversary celebration "an Anniversary Cake event, an Anniversary Puzzle event, and a new themed event called Counterattack" will all be added throughout Season 8

We'll have details for you on those as soon as they begin in-game.

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