COD Mobile's Season 6 patch notes detail key changes to Multiplayer & BR

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It's time to bring The Heat to COD Mobile and the Season 6 Patch Notes reveal (almost) everything that's going to be coming to COD Mobile in the now-released new title update. We know they're missing a few things, which would suggest that content like the MX9 SMG is going to be added at a later date. For now, though, here's what we know so far. We will update this with more information when it becomes available.

Full COD Mobile Season 6 Patch Notes

At the moment, we only have access to Season 6 patch notes that detail the new Multiplayer and Battle Royale content. We know more about the limited-time Undead Siege Zombies event, but that is not reflected below.

New Weapons

  • New weapon type: Rytec AMR
    • Anti-vehicle sniper rifle that can cause a lot of damage to vehicles in BR mode;
    • It is equipped with the unique 25*9mm Thermite 5-R mag and 25×59mm Explosive 5-R mag and can kill opponents in one shot at close range;
  • New Melee Weapons
    • Machete;
    • Wrench;
    • Katana;

New Scorestreaks

  • Swarm
    • Summon a swarm of Hunter Killer drones to detect and destroy enemies

New Rank Series

  • The new Series starts from July 2021 to September 2021

Multiplayer Updates

  • New Maps
    • Slums
      • New compact map featuring streets, buildings, parks and alleys, for players to experience a full range of combat modes (from street battles to sniper duels);
      • Available in these modes: TDM, Domination, S&D, Hardpoint, 10v10 TDM, 101v0 Domination;
    • Stack
      • Soldiers must be careful of enemies approaching from both near and far, and protect themselves with bunkers;
      • Available in these modes: Gunfight, Duel;
  • New Game Mode
    • Face-Off
      • 3v3 intense fighting on a small map!
      • Available in modes : 3v3 TDM, 3v3 DOM, 3v3 KC, 3v3 CTF;
      • Included maps: Reclaim, Stack, Cage, King, Pine;

Battle Royale Updates

  • New Vehicle
    • Muscle Car
      • Brand new powerful two-seater vehicle with a streamlined body that enables players to burn up the road;

Clan Wars Update

  • New rewards have been added to clan stores;
  • Players can now view detailed information of clans, including clan trophies and historical performance;
  • Clan leaders are now able to rename clans through name change cards that have been added to the clan store;
  • Chat board now includes a ‘Recruit’ button;
    • Clan leaders can also send detailed clan information to chat channels;
  • Message board has been added to Clan War maps;
    • Click on the chat bar in Clan War to open the message board, and leave a message for your clanmates and foes;

Adjustments & Optimisations

Multiplayer Changes

  • Weapon Balancing
    • DR-H
      • Without any attachment:
        • Slight adjustments to bullet spread;
      • 25 Round OTM Mag:
        • Decrease ADS time;
      • 30 Round OTM Mag:
        • Increase movement speed;
      • Increase ADS movement speed;
    • AK117
      • Without any attachment:
        • Enhance hip-fire accuracy;
    • OWC Marksman
      • Decrease vertical recoil;
      • Decrease horizontal recoil;
      • MIP Extended Light Barrel:
        • Decrease ADS time;
      • YKM Integral Suppressor:
        • Decrease ADS time;
      • 40 Round Extended Mag:
        • Increase movement speed;
        • Decrease reload time;
      • 48 Round Extended Mag:
        • Increase movement speed;
        • Decrease reload time;
    • MK2
      • .30-30 Ammo
        • Increased headshot damage multiplier
    • Striker
      • Without any attachment:
        • Increase Damage Range;
        • Increase reload speed;
        • Slightly increase ADS Bullet Spread;
  • Operator skill adjustment
    • Bull Charge:
      • Increase the energy consumed every time you hit the enemy;
  • Scorestreaks adjustment
    • Hawk X3:
      • Limit the lifting angle of the machine gun;
      • Decrease the duration;
      • Reduce the flying speed;
  • Additional Changes
    • Thermite:
      • Decrease the burn damage slightly;
      • Decrease the duration of the speed reducing effect;
      • Decrease the explosion range slightly;
    • Axe:
      • Slightly decrease the damage range and the time to land a hit;
      • Baseball Bat:
        • Slightly decrease the damage range and the time to land a hit;
      • Sickle:
        • Slightly increase the damage range;
      • VTOL:
        • Adjusted the locations of the missile button and the movement button;
      • Throwing props:
        • Players can split Lethal and Tactical items into two separate buttons in Settings;
      • Throwables:
        • When Fast Throw Grenade is on, there will be a new function of displaying throw trajectory if the grenade button is pressed and held;
      • Throwables:
        • If the player is killed when he is holding a triggered frag grenade, the grenade will not explode immediately but will fall to the ground and explode when charging time runs out;
  • Map-Mode Related Changes
    • Meltdown-Domination mode adjustment:
      • Adjusted location of point B in Meltdown for gameplay experience and balance
    • Crash- Hardpoint mode adjustment:
      • Adjusted location of the first hardpoint in Crash to helicopter wreckage for better gameplay experience;
    • Shoot house:
      • Optimized color of scenes in Shoot house;
    • Aniyah Incursion:
      • Indoor effect optimization;
      • Optimized indoor lighting and reflection effects;
    • Coastal:
    • Upgraded the appearance of the police car in Coastal to be more aligned with the scenes;
  • Operator Skill Changes
    • The charging progress will be displayed;
    • All energy will be refunded when dying during activation of the Operator Skill;
      • A majority of energy will also be refunded when dying shortly after activation of the Operator Skill, if the skill was not used.
      • Neither refund applies to Gravity Spikes.
  • Scorestreaks
    • Players can configure multiple sets of scorestreaks in Loadout, but once scores are obtained in-game, the current scorestreaks cannot be changed even if the Loadout is switched;
  • Mini-Map Changes
    • Info icons (such as teammate, enemy location, scorestreaks etc.) in the mini-map will change in size based on the player’s location, and enemies’ altitude information will also be displayed above their red dots in the mini-map;

Multiplayer Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the player can use the function of one click to ADS and fire continuously (and the fire rate limit is also broken) when using arctic.50;
  • Pine Collision BUG in Pine:
    • Fixed abnormal collision of a tree in Pine;
  • Terminal:
    • Fixed a bug where a flowerpot could cause a player to get stuck and players could cause damage through walls in the Terminal map;
  • Standoff Scene Bug:
    • Abnormal display of the fountain in Standoff fixed
  • Suldal Harbor Scene Bug:
    • Missing oil drum in a corner of Suldal Harbor fixed

Battle Royale Changes

  • Vehicle Changes
    • Add the function of customized Vehicle operation:
      • Added a separate setting for Vehicle in Settings, where players can customize their preferred vehicle operation mode, and size and position of buttons in each operation mode;
    • Balance adjustment of Vehicle:
      • Reduce the speed of the Snowboard when the player skates in non – snow areas
  • Additional Settings
    • The option to unfold Wingsuit by default:
      • If the setting is on, the Wingsuit will unfold at a certain altitude, and if the setting is off, it requires another click to unfold the Wingsuit;
    • Sound visualization in mini-map:
      • The player can choose to display the location of the sound or its direction;
    • Two modes of parachuting are available:
      • Sliding the screen to turn by default, or sliding the screen to view surroundings which allows movements to be more natural;
  • Additional Changes
    • New icon above the airdrop box in scenes;
    • New icon above the BR Class machine in scenes;
    • Sound prompt:
      • Added new prompt of “display the direction of the sound source”, which can be switched on/off in: 【Setting】-【Basic】-【BR Mode】
      • Added function of displaying a sound prompt on the main screen, which can be turned on/off in: 【Setting】-【Basic】-【BR Mode】
    • Added light effects to the 3 kinds of supply boxes in the map, and optimized sound effect of opening boxes;
    • Added corresponding special effects to Legendary weapons and custom loadout weapons with Legendary or Mythic skins on the ground;
    • Players can adjust the zoom on the mini-map, and the mini-map now supports centralization and rotation;
    • The player can configure and save 2 different settings;
    • Sensitivity sharing function:
      • Players can upload their own sensitivity settings to the cloud and generate codes to share with other players;
      • Others can preview and copy the same settings;
    • Added sliding tackle prompt:
      • With the setting enabled, the crouch icon will switch to the sliding tackle icon when the player can make a sliding tackle;
    • Add the ability for teammates to be visible with the setting is enabled, the player can see teammate locations

Battle Royale Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wrong display of smoke trail on foot when parachuting;

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