Will the Gunsmith Return in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

We're delighted to see the gunsmith returning to Call of Duty in Black Ops Cold War after an amazing year in Modern Warfare.

This will give us new customisation options to personalise our expereince.

What is the Gunsmith?

The gunsmith allows players in Modern Warfare to customise and upgrade their weapon.

call of duty gunsmith
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MTAR - This beast can compete with the MP5 and MP7 at close range!

This applies for both Multiplayer, Co-operative and Warzone, so having dedicated classes for each is important!

Each attachment varies for each gun, but most weapons will allow you to change up the barrel, sights, magazine, stock and more!

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This customisation is great, so we're very happy this feature is returning in Black Ops Cold War.


The inclusion of the Gunsmith in Black Ops Cold War will continue to allow players to continue to customise their loadouts the way they want.

Some changes to Black Ops Cold War will revamp how the gunsmith functions.

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Luckily, the changes are generally positive, and we'll be able to add a host of new attachments.

How Many Attachments?!

With the ambitious changes coming to Black Ops Cold War, we'll be able to equip 8 attachments on our primary weapon!

black ops cold war gunsmith m4 1
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OLD BUT GOLD - The M4 returns again, but will it be part of the meta this time round?

This is due to the "Wildcard" perk/feature that will be available in the Create a Class section.

This may cause weapons to become absolute powerhouses on the battlefield, and Treyarch may struggle to balance this in the future.

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For now, this will give us even more freedom when it comes to our class creation, giving us more control over the weapons we use.

New Weapons

We will also be getting a host of new weapons with the new Call of Duty title.

call of duty black ops cold war gunnsmith new weapons 1
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STEADY AIM - The fast paced action of Cold War may bring back the fun of quick-scoping!

This includes new Assualt Rifles, Snipers, LMGs and more!

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We'd love to see most of these weapons come to Warzone, as this may change up the meta, giving us a new experience.

It seems the gameplay of Black Ops Cold War is quite different from the current Modern Warfare.

This may make new wepaons like Snipers a viable option on smaller maps.

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Overall, we can't wait to get our hands on the new Gunsmith, and see what crazy creations the community comes up with!

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