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Call of Duty

16 Sep 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: New Gameplay footage, News, Release Date, PS5, Xbox Series X, Trailers & more

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Latest news - PS4 Multiplayer Alpha this weekend

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Release Date

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Downloadable Content (DLC)

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is releasing later this year!

The continuation of the Black Ops series will be great for the Call of Duty saga, we'll be returning to old characters and weapons.

Continue reading below for everything you need to know about Black Ops Cold War!

Latest news - PS4 Multiplayer Alpha this weekend

Sony dropped some hot Cold War campaign action. Catch it here!

Along with that they announced that the multiplayer Alpha will be going out on PS4 this weekend! Get a feel for the game straight away, and gain an edge on the competition!

Release Date

The new Call of Duty is set to release on Friday, 13 November 2020 just in time for the Holiday season!

black ops cold war call of duty release date

RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY - Will Black Ops cover any controversial topics?

If you Pre-Order the game on the PS4 console, you'll have access to the Beta as early as Thursday, 8 October.

This is the first time the public will have full access to any Black Ops Cold War content, so keep your calendar clear.

We know the game will release on current-gen console on 13 November, but when will next-gen (PS5 and Xbox Series X) consoles have access?


Below, you can check out both of the trailers for the upcoming Call of Duty title.

This reveal trailer shows off the time period and some of the characters and story we'll explore in the campaign.

Below, you can see the extended cinematic trailer that was released on 27 August.

This trailer shows us a cutscene from the game in which the characters, Woods and Mason are talking to President Nixon.


We can expect this cutscene to appear in the game at the start of the campaign.


The new Call of Duty will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One at the launch date.

Unfortunately, it seems the next-gen consoles won't be on the market before the release of Cold War.

The game will release at a later date, on PS5 and Xbox Series X - but will come with enhanced features!


There's only a small amount of gameplay featured at the end of the Cold War trailer.

From what we've seen, it seems the new Call of Duty will continue to be "Boots on the ground".

call of duty black ops cold war min

EYES ON THE PRIZE - An upcoming reveal should tell us more

This effectively means there will be little vertical movement and will have simple gameplay mechanics.

Overall, this will make for a more competitive experience.

We can expect Black Ops Cold War to feature similar weapons to the original Black Ops game.

This means the return of some fan favourite guns like the AK74u and the Galil.

We hope Treyarch will keep the Gunsmith system that was introduced with Modern Warfare in 2019.

This will allow players to customise their weapons with ease.


Modern Warfare (2019) showed off the graphics that are possible on current-gen systems.

The realism was turned to 11 in Modern Warfare, and we hope the same can be said with Black Ops Cold War.

call of duty ray tracing

RAY TRACING - This lighting technique is available in Modern Warfare!

From the small amount of gameplay we've seen, it seems the new title will be just as realistic as the current game.

The graphics of the game will depend on the system you play the game on.

For those on PC, you'll have a lot of freedom with the graphics you choose to play with.

You'll also be able to enable Ray Tracing on PC, giving the game an even more realistic look.


We know Black Ops Cold War will continue the storyline of the first Black Ops title.

This means iconic characters like Mason, Woods and Jason Hudson will be returning!

call of duty black ops cold war ronald reagan 1

THE GREAT COMMUNICATOR - We know President Reagan will play a part

From the trailer, we see these characters in a meeting discussing a russian spy named Persius.

Our characters must hunt down and capture this spy. It seems President Nixon will also play a big role in this story.

The story will also feature multiple endings, allowing players to choose what happens in the campaign.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

DLC has allowed Call of Duty to consantly produce new content even after the release of a main title.

In the past it has cost players money to get access to extra content. However, this year has changed things up!

frank woods in warzone modern warfare black ops cold war 1

WOODS IN WARZONE - Pre-Order Cold War to unlock Frank Woods in Warzone!

All of the playable in-game content is now free, exlcuding cosmetics.

We hope this trend continues into the new game, as this keeps the player base together.

From everything we've seen, Black Ops Cold War is shaping up to be quite a game!

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