Zombies have now taken over Verdansk's Prison complex

The ship that crashed into Verdansk at the start Warzone's Season 2 brought zombies to the battle royale map.

They started in the ship before making their way out to the surrounding open areas. Now, they've started to move further afield.

We've got all the update you need on where the zombies currently are in Warzone and what it could mean for the game.

Latest - Zombies Have Moved to Verdansk Prison

As of the evening of March 11, Raven released a 'Threat Report' which noted that the zombies had made their way to Warzone's Prison complex in the south east area of the map.

You'll find them mostly in the cells at the bottom of the Prison, where the original Gulag is set, so take a look around and try to kill them.

Zombies Leave Shipwreck

At the start of Season 2, the zombies were confined to the Shipwreck between Port and Prison. However, they've started to spread further afield.

Late last week, they started to leave the bottom level of the ship, wandering around the fields nearby. The official Call of Duty Twitter even released a video of them leaving.

You'll be able to find them at the Shipwreck, and around the surrounding areas, but they're nowhere else for the time being.

We will keep this section updated as and when the Warzone zombies move around. Keep an eye out here for news on what's currently happening.

Outbreak Event

The Outbreak Event is still ongoing, which provides players with challenges based on killing zombies.

You'll need to head to the Shipwreck, interact with the terminal at the bottom of the ship, and kill 40 undead when they start to attack you. You'll then start to earn cosmetics as rewards.

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Also, some of the challenges point towards the zombies moving further into Verdansk, so that'll likely happen very soon.

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Zombies aren't only in Black Ops Cold War now

How to Kill Zombies

At the Shipwreck, you'll be able to kill zombies however you like once activating the event from the terminal.

Guns, melee, and explosives all work, but try not to be too casual and get overwhelmed. The undead can be pretty dangerous when attacking in packs.

End of Verdansk/Season 3

Finally, the zombies moving further afield in Verdansk is interesting because it will likely have an effect on what happens in the rest of Season 2 and the Season 3 that'll likely arrive in April.

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As the zombies enter more named locations across the map, it's likely that the missiles that were uncovered at the start of Season 2 start to come into play.

Last week, some audio files that hinted at a live event were leaked, which could hint at the zombies playing a huge role later in the current season.

As we said, we'll update this piece as and when the zombies move around more.

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