Warzone Rebirth Island Communications Tower locations, cost and more

Call of Duty Warzone has just undergone a huge new change and all these new things mark something different for the future of the game. If you're looking to use Rebirth Island's Communications Towers, here's what you need to know.

What are the Warzone Communications Towers?

Warzone Communications Towers are a great way of getting a little more information on the map. It reveals enemies much like a UAV does. It's a little less powerful but doesn't require nearly as much money to use. This will add just one more tool to the toolbelt of competitive Warzone players.

It seems like, with portable buy stations and a new location, Warzone is shaping up to have tonnes of ways of getting wins. For the game to continue to grow and retain its audience, it needs to be viable for tonnes of different types of players.

It seems the devs know this and are enacting new ways to keep the community creative and guessing on what the next big thing is. This is likely not the only way they are reshaping how players go about searching for their enemy.

How to spot them

The towers are huge and noticeable in-game - making them easy to spot. Actually unlocking them is much harder. This is done through players communally trading 190 million weapons to weapon trade stations. You can then get in there and spend $1500 to get it up and running.

This community approach to changes in the map is fascinating and shows an interesting blueprint for the future of the game. As the game continues to grow and change, the community will change alongside it. Warzone could truly do anything by next year. We'll just have to keep our ear on the ground to piece it all together.

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