How to use Warzone Portable Buy Stations

Call of Duty Warzone has undergone some pretty important changes recently. In a joint effort to shake up the game whilst rewarding returning players, there are some new mechanics and loot to get used to. Here's how the Warzone portable buying station works and everything we know about it.

What is the Warzone Portable Buy Station?

The Portable Buy Station, as the name suggests, is a way of bringing the buy station into the map with you. Intended to synergise your battles, you can effectively turn the tides with a tactical plant.

If you have bad gear but one lucky find, this could entirely turn around your experience with the game.

This is likely not the last time Warzone will be doing something like this. It seems they are trying to really diversify the way that players can win.

How to use the Portable Buy Station

The Portable Buy Station is a legendary bit of loot. This means that it will be hard to obtain but won't cost you a thing. As is Warzone's prerogative, if you have a bad loadout, just keep looking until you find something good.

Warzone is really trying to prioritise quicker gameplay by forcing less prepared players to search for better loot. This means that you always have the potential to get something amazing if you're only willing to look in the next room.

Is it different to the normal Buy Station?

No, this is essentially the same buy station you are used to, just with a little more functionality. As players are used to the position of everything in the buy station, it's a good way of rewarding returning players.

To get the most out of it, you want to prepare what you want in advance.

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