Warzone Pacific: 'Loadout Restrictions Apply' Icon explained

Warzone's last major update added a lot of new content - Caldera replaced Verdansk and Vanguard's full armoury was added to Call of Duty's battle royale game. You might be wondering what the 'Restrictions apply to loadout with this icon' message is all about - Warzone has a lot of broken features still but this isn't one of them. Here's what the message means and what restrictions are in place.

'Restrictions apply to loadout with this icon'

While playing Warzone, you might see the above message pop up in a pre-game lobby or while you're trying to select your Custom Loadout in-game. There will be a few orange warning icons next to your Custom Loadouts and the 'Restrictions apply to loadout with this icon' message will appear at the top of the screen. You can see what we mean below:

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If you don't know what this means, it essentially means that you can't use certain items in your Custom Loadout due to the Playlist restrictions in place. At the moment, this is a common issue for people who want to jump into Vanguard Royale - this is a mode that only allows Vanguard weapons and a limited selection of throwables.

If you try to select one of these classes, you'll be given a default class with a base STG-44 build instead of your Custom Loadout Primary Weapon. It isn't bad, but it's far from the best bit of equipment available...

Vanguard Royale is the main Warzone mode

If you're getting annoyed at the fact that you have to use Vanguard weapons, we feel your pain. Thankfully, you're only restricted with what you use in Vanguard Royale. This is going to be the main Warzone mode going forwards, but Standard Battle Royale and Plunder are among those Playlists being thrown into a rotation that should still mean you can use Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapons.

Semtex and the Heartbeat Sensor are among the equipment items that won't be available in Vanguard Royale - having these in your loadout might result in the restrictions message popping up too. You can check out all the restrictions in the image below:

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WHAT CAN YOU USE - and what can't you use?

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