Warzone Festive Fervor Event: Krampus Nerf, Elf Team Six, & Event Challenges

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Warzone's Festive Fervor Event is well underway now and it's the perfect start to Caldera's content calendar. Elf Team Six can be found throughout Caldera and there's a set of challenges for players to complete for some interesting Rewards - however, Krampus is the main talking point of the whole thing and not for a good reason.

Here's the latest and what Raven Software are doing to change things...


LATEST - Krampus is getting weaker!

As expected, a nerf has been issued with Krampus at its core. He's being weakened a little and Raven Software has changed when he's due to start spawning in-game. This should make him less of a threat and more of a bonus to Caldera's standard modes.

Raven Software has shared the following:

  • Krampus' health has been reduced significantly across all modes / respective squad sizes
  • Krampus no longer spawns after the 4th Circle

This came into effect a couple of days ago, so the change should be noticeable. If not, then there's a chance that another tweak will be released soon.

Elf Team Six - Gnomes are going to shout at you

Elf Team Six's Gnomes are going to be scattered throughout Caldera and Rebirth Island - they might not be exactly the same as the little creatures you'll see in Vanguard's Multiplayer modes, but the rules of engagement are the same.


You're going to need to destroy them for rewards. Specifically, they look like they're going to be a major part of Warzone's Festive Fervor Event Challenges - here's what Call of Duty had to say about their appearances in Warzone:

" These gnomes are just as carefree as Elf Team Six, hollering at any Operator who gets within 10 meters of them. Squads who find and destroy them will receive rewards like a Double XP Token or a Calling Card."
Warzone Vanguard Elf Team Six Krampus Festive Fervor Event
LIKE THIS? - Expect them to look like these little green fellas!

We don't know how tough they're going to be just yet, but you should be careful about attacking one if you're surrounded. We can't imagine other squads are going to wait for you to finish them off before taking you down.


Krampus - Watch out for Coal in Holiday Crates

Krampus is on the hunt and he's after someone random in your Warzone lobby - although, the odds you'll come face to face with this terrifying creature are increased if you find Coal in your Holiday Crate.

Krampus will hunt for three minutes at a time before switching targets - there's no word on whether this is throughout the entirety of a Warzone match or just for the opening circles. We can imagine this is going to make any final circle battles a little hectic.

Warzone Elf Team Six Krampus Festive Fervor Event
A GLIMPSE OF KRAMPUS - He's a little scary for Christmas, right?

Thankfully, Krampus isn't all bad - here's what Call of Duty has had to say about rewards he's offering...

" Because these islands are his usual stomping grounds, Krampus has some other surprises in store throughout Festive Fervor. Fortunately, all of these are relatively nice — expect modifiers like increased chances of Legendary Supply Boxes or half-off Buybacks on each day of this holiday event."

Keep an eye on the daily messages in-game for the latest information about Krampus' daily gift to the Warzone community.