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Warzone Ricochet Anti-Cheat: Is this new robust anti-cheat system enough?

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We're just under a month away from Call of Duty Vanguard and it looks like Activision is finally going to introduce a dedicated Anti-Cheat to Warzone - alongside Sledgehammer Games' new title. It's going to be a new era for Warzone in more ways than one! Ricochet Anti-Cheat has been announced and this is what it will mean for Warzone and Vanguard.

RICOCHET - Is this Anti-Cheat enough?

Following a warning to cheaters - which you can read below - Activision announced Ricochet Anti-Cheat. This system is going to include PC kernel-level functionality and should improve Activision's Anti-Cheat systems a lot - however, it comes at a cost.

Warzone is going to need deeper permissions on all systems which is raising some security and privacy concerns - however, this is going to be an ongoing process so it doesn't look like this kernel-level support is coming at launch.

Ricochet Anti-Cheat is going to be available in Vanguard on launch and then should come to Warzone at the same time as Vangaurd integration - as expected.


From what we know, if you play on consoles... You shouldn't really notice too much of a difference - other than, hopefully, fewer cheaters in-game.


An open letter to cheaters...

Call of Duty hasn't offered us an update on their Anti-Cheat System in a while, but it looks like we're going to be getting one fairly soon. Earlier this week, an open letter to Warzone cheaters was posted by Call of Duty on social media. It reads...

"Dear Cheaters
"We love games. It's our passion. We're honored to make games for the greatest fans in the world. We don't always get it right, but we're committed to doing our best.
"Cheating ruins the fun for everyone. No one likes a cheater. Our goal is to deliver a fun and fair gaming experience. For our developers. For Our fans. And most importantly... For Call of Duty players everywhere.
"Cheaters aren't welcome. There's no tolerance for cheaters, and soon you'll know what we mean.
"Call of Duty"

As you can see in the tweet above, it also states "see you tomorrow." We don't think the Warzone Anti-Cheat System is going to drop tomorrow, but we should get some confirmation on a release date - we're still expecting it to launch with Vanguard Season 1 in November.


When does Warzone get an Anti-Cheat System?

At the moment, we don't know for certain when Warzone is going to get the Anti-Cheat system. Following the announcement of Call of Duty Vanguard and the next steps for Raven Software's Warzone, we're under the impression that the Warzone Anti-Cheat system would arrive the same day.

Call of Duty Vanguard is due to release on November 5th - so, this is the date we've got to work with at the moment.

" Warzone is set to make Call of Duty history with a brand-new main map launching later this year! With development led by Raven Software, Warzone will also feature a new PC anti-cheat system across the entire experience when it launches with the new map."

Of course, Warzone's Anti-Cheat will most likely be delayed and we're not actually expecting it to release at the same time as Call of Duty Vanguard. It always feels like Warzone is a step behind the rest of Call of Duty nowadays and we're not sure that's going to change in a couple of months.

We want to be hopeful though, so until we hear more information about the Warzone Anti-Cheat, we'll assume that it's going to launch alongside Call of Duty Vanguard on November 5th.

" Prepare for further information on Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, as well as information on the new anti-cheat system, in the coming weeks prior to Vanguard’s launch. "