Warzone 2 - Best Signal 50 Loadout, Attachments and Tuning

Warzone 2 Signal 50

Warzone 2 Signal 50

Warzone 2 is well underway, and Season 2 is now finally here, despite a delay, with huge changes to a ton of meta weapons. Rebirth is returning, as well as a ton of balance changes and reworks to the Gulag and Loadouts which are a breath of fresh air for players.

Since snipers can no longer one-shot enemies in the new Warzone, the Signal 50 is a perfect alternative, to make sure you can get two bullets off as fast as possible. Here's how to build it to kill enemies faster than any other sniper, from long range or short.

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Best Signal 50 Attachments in Warzone 2

Unfortunately, no sniper in Al Mazrah can one-shot someone with full plates, even with a bullet to the head. While some snipers may do more damage than the Signal 50, none will be able to kill an enemy as fast, because none can match its fire rate.

Here's what we recommend to build it:

Warzone 2 Signal 50 Loadout
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  • Muzzle: Bruen Counter Ops | -0.39^
  • Barrel: 29" TV Kilo 50 | -0.27>
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Rear Grip: SA Finesse Grip | -0.69^ | 0.36>
  • Ammunition: .50 CAL High Velocity | 0.52^ | 5.01>

The FSS OLE-V Laser is by far the best in Warzone 2, and works with the rear grip to improve your ADS time and fire rate. Meanwhile, the muzzle and barrel increase your damage output, so the Signal 50 can take out any enemy in 2 shots.

Best Singal 50 Perks and Equipment

The Signal 50 is a great weapon to buy as a primary in the early game, but as your game of Warzone 2 progresses you'll need a more close-range option. For this, we recommend the P890 Pistols Akimbo, as they can shred in close quarters.

If you're keen on a more versatile gun as a secondary, swap your perk package for Weapon Specialist for Overkill, and take the Fennec 45 or Lachmann Sub as an SMG option.

Take a heartbeat sensor as your tactical, and a throwing knife as a lethal, and you'll be ready for any situation in Warzone 2.

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