Warzone 2 - How to get a Nuke

Warzone 2 Nuke

Warzone 2 is now well into the new year, which means that Season 2 is now right around the corner. Huge changes are planned, including a new Battle Pass and new weapons, but there's more. Rebirth is returning, so players can finally get some fast-paced action again after it was removed from Warzone Caldera.

The Nuke in Al Mazrah was only revealed very recently, and only the best of the best have had a chance to use it. Here's everything you need to know to get one for your squad in Warzone 2, but be warned this challenge is not for the faint of heart.

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What is a Nuke in Warzone 2?

The Nuke is a tale as old as time in Call of Duty, and has been seen as the pinnacle of a player's achievement for years. In multiplayer, getting a 30 killstreak without dying would score you a nuke, which would end the game and take the win for your team.

In Warzone 2 the nuke has a similar effect, wiping everyone off the map and securing the victory for your squad. Unlike in multiplayer though, there is some counterplay, and fulfilling the requirements for the streak isn't the end of the story.

How to get a Nuke for your Squad

Securing the nuke in Warzone 2 is much harder than multiplayer, and that was tough, to begin with. If you fancy your chances, follow these steps:

  1. Win 5 matches of Warzone 2 in a row.
  2. Find the three nuclear ingredients.
  3. Wait until the bomb site appears.
  4. Load the bomb site with the three components.
  5. Activate the bomb.
  6. Defend the bomb until it goes off.
Warzone 2 Nuke
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Winning 5 games of Warzone 2 is the trickiest step, especially in a row, and has bested all but one squad so far. The only team to have pulled off a nuke at the time of writing is a trio of streamers EthanStellar, OPMarked, and Wagnificent.

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