When do Jailbreaks happen in Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 Gulag

Warzone 2 is now well underway, and although Season 2 has now been delayed, it's still just around the corner. Rebirth is confirmed to be returning, along with a brand new map, and tons of content besides, including new weapons to shake up the meta.

The new 2vs2 gulag isn't for everyone, but if you get lucky you can avoid it entirely with a jailbreak. Here's everything you need to know about when they happen and how to take advantage, so you never have to rely on a random again.

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What is a Jailbreak in Warzone 2?

A jailbreak is a randomised in-game event that takes place during a Warzone 2 match. There's no guarantee one occurs in your game, but it can certainly be worth waiting for, as it can seriously improve your chances of picking up a win.

Warzone 2
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All downed players will return to the action, adding an extra layer of spice as the gas closes in. This includes both eliminated players, as well as those waiting in the Gulag, so there is some incentive to spectate your teammates for a while if you think you're in with a shot.

With Jailbreaks in Warzone 2, and shops fairly plentiful, there's plenty of reason to stick around when you're eliminated. But how do you know when a jailbreak is on the way?

When do Jailbreaks happen?

Typically, a Warzone 2 jailbreak takes place during the third or fourth circles. This is usually in the latter stages of the game, so you might have to spectate for a while, but it's worth it if you can pick up the win when you respawn.

Unfortunately, there's no way to know whether a jailbreak is on the way, or if one will happen in the game. You'll only know one is coming when you see a bright yellow banner that displays 'Jailbreak Imminent', popping up at the top of your HUD.

If you're waiting on a spectator screen, you'll be greeted with the message: "Redeploying. All Operators redeployed to the AO.". There's only a limited window to redeploy in Warzone 2, so land near your squadmates, grab a gun, and get into the action.

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