*UPDATED* Warzone 2: NEW AI tech, Beta, and New Map

Warzone 2

With Modern Warfare 2 fast approaching, Warzone 2 is also on the Horizon. After the lukewarm reception to Caldera, fans and pros alike are anxious for a new Battle Royale map.

Let's take a look at all the information and leaks we have so far regarding Warzone 2.

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NEW AI Tech coming to Warzone 2

According to popular Call of Duty Leaker @Metaaphor on Twitter, Warzone 2 will feature NPCs in the map. With Activision teasing new AI tech coming to the bots in modern Warfare 2, it seems increasingly likely the two are linked.

What role the NPCs will play in Warzone remains to be seen, but there are suggestions that the may be involved in the new contracts.

Warzone 2 Early Access

Call of Duty Next
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Call of Duty: Next, is fast approaching, and will be with us on September 15th. We've been told that 'the future of Call of Duty' will be revealed here, so expect all the information we could possibly want about upcoming releases.

Until then though we have only speculation, and according to reliable leaker @TheGhostOfHope on Twitter, we may have a chance to play Warzone 2 earlier than we thought.

While this is not confirmed, it would certainly make sense, with the release of warzone 2 scheduled for November 16th, not long after Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone 2 Map

After the disappointment of Caldera, Warzone fans are desperate for a new map, and one thing we can be certain of in Warzone 2, is a brand new location.

According to leaks, from @metaaphor on Twitter, another large Battle Royale map is in development, with an intricate and detailed downtown area.

This will be welcome news to Warzone fans and pros, with many expressing that Caldera was simply too open, including Jukeyz in our interview with him pre-WSOW.

Warzone 2 Loot

The final leak from this drop of information was a slight change to how loot will function in-game. While the ground-based loot system will stay in the game, a container-based loot system will also be coming to Warzone 2.

Warzone Loot
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This means that players will be able to open containers and select the loot they want, which could certainly be a nice aesthetic change but could also hint at higher-level loot.

Get your pre-orders in now so you don't miss the beta when it drops, on the 16th of September for PlayStation, and a week later on the 22nd for Xbox and PC players.

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