Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Safe Codes: Alone and El Sin Nombre

The wait is finally over, and the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign is here! Fans are getting a chance to drop into brand-new missions with old favourite characters, and get to grips with some of the new mechanics and weapons that Modern Warfare 2 is bringing.

The missions aren't always easy though, and sometimes even the most seasoned veterans need a helping hand to get past an obstacle. The safe codes in Modern Warfare 2 Campaign are a tricky one, so here's everything you need to know to get cracking.

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Modern Warfare 2 El Sin Nombre Safe Code and Answers

El Sin Nombre is one of the tricker missions in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign. You'll need to get hold of the right safe code to use in Diego's room, as well as answering Valeria's questions. Getting those wrong will land you in some hit water.

MW2 Valeria
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To keep Valeria happy you'll want to select the following options:

  • It was Mexican Special Forces
  • American PMCs. Shadow Company
  • Phillip Graves
  • Missiles

Fortunately the game will autosave after a correct answer, so you only need to remember one at a time. Once you get to Diego's room, key in the following combination to the safe:

  • 02-02-19 – El Sin Nombre safe code (The safe is in Diego’s room. It can be opened by looking at the date on the portrait when in the same room.)

The safe can be crucial especially if you're on a higher difficulty, as it will grant you a fully kitted out weapon.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Alone Safe Codes

Alone is another mission you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign. There's two safe codes you'll need, listed here:

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  • 10-10-80 – Alone safe code 1 (The safe is in the room past the dying man when you open the door. You need a blade to pry open the door. Can be solved by looking at the calendar in the room.)
  • 37-60-80 – Alone safe code 2 (The safe is later in the mission, in the garage. Look at the computer in the mechanic shop to find the code.)

These are definitely worth grabbing as you make your way through the campaign to give you the edge over your foes.

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