How to get a Loadout in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 loadout drop

Warzone 2 loadout drop

Warzone 2 is now well into the new year, and Season 2 is here with a ton of changes and new content to unlock. Rebirth is making a return, along with a brand new Battle Pass so you can earn some new weapons and much more.

Loaoduts have changed in Al Mazrah, and there's no longer a way to simply buy one from a shop. Here are all the ways you can still get your hands on one, so you can be one step ahead of your opponents.

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How to get Loadouts in Warzone 2

While Warzone 2 has retained the ramdom loadout drops that spawn on the map, there's now more way to get your hands on them. Here's all the ways of getting your loadout.

Loadout Drops

Boxes will drop into the map, some time between the 2nd and 6th circles. There's no way of knowing when exactly they'll arrive, but once they do they'll be marked in your HUD and minimap.

All players will be notified when the drops come in, so making the beeline for them can be a high risk strategy. However, if you can access it, your custom classes will give you a huge advantage in any fight in Warzone 2.


Warzone 2 strongholds
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Strongholds are fortress-like locations on Al Mazrah that are guarded by AI bots. If your team can take the stronghold, you'll be able to access the loot inside which will provide you with a loadout drop.

While the bots will be an obstacle, other teams are likely to be fighting for the same goal. These other squads will be your real competition for the loot, as the strongholds will be accessible to all players in Warzone 2.

How to get Custom Guns in Warzone 2

One of the biggest changes from Warzone is that players are now able to buy a single gun from a custom class. This can be a huge advantage, especially with weapon tuning, as you can turn your primary weapon into the ultimate killing machine.

Buy Stations

Buy stations are now your best friend, as you'll be able to buy your primary weapon from any custom loadout. These will be far less contested than loadout drops, so there's much less risk involved.

Weapons will cost $5000, but after looting a few buildings this should be no problem. Unfortunately full loadouts will not be available from shops, but this can always change in the future of Warzone 2.

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