Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Release Date, Leaks, Info, Crossplay & More

Warzone Splash art

Warzone Splash art

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Warzone 2 is fast approaching, and with Console and PC gamers excited for what's in store, Mobile users are anxious to get in on the action. Caldera was not the thrill ride people were hoping for, so hopefully we're in for some brand new content.

The official reveal is set for Call of Duty: Next on the 15th of September, so stay tuned for all the information you could possibly want about the upcoming release.

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Warzone Mobile Release Date

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is coming soon
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As of writing, there is currently no confirmed release date for the upcoming Call of Duty Warzone Mobile despite its reveal happening all the way back in March alongside the two-year anniversary for Warzone.

According to a leaked document from reliable Call of Duty leaker and news source CharlieIntel, Warzone 2 is set to be released on Wednesday 16th November 2022. While no official date has been announced, if this leak is true, the Warzone 2 date could be the perfect time to also introduce Warzone Mobile alongside it.

It is also entirely possible that Warzone Mobile will be pushed into 2023, however, much like many other titles have been despite their initial release dates being set for this year.

Gameplay Features

Through leakers such as CoDPerseus, we know that Warzone Mobile will contain all the major playlist options from the standard Warzone experience such as Solos, Duos, Trios and Quads.

Verdansk will be the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile map
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CodPerseus has also leaked that the map for Call of Duty Mobile will be Verdansk much like fans had speculated. This might change once the game gets a full release but seeing the map return would be a fun callback for fans of Warzone who remember playing on it, potentially driving more people to the mobile version.


Warzone Mobile is coming soon but will it have crossplay?
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One question that has yet to be addressed is crossplay with the mobile port of the game potentially being playable alongside the console and PC versions.

While this would be a nice addition to the game, the likelihood of it happening isn't the highest due to the drastically different control scheme of the mobile version.

That combined with the potential for a different map to be used and it's not likely to be a feature once it's released though that may change,

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