Call of Duty Modern Warfare Tips: Which Field Upgrades should you equip? (PS4, Xbox, PC)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is well underway, with many new features in play for the first time in CoD. One of these new features is Field Upgrades… what are they?

Field Upgrades allow players to have different abilities in-game that may help them in different ways.

There are nine different Field Upgrades to pick from across the levels, some are good, some are useless.

So which Field Upgrades you should consider using, and most crucially of all when should you deploy them?

Munitions Box

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MORE AMMO: Don't run dry with this upgrade

  • Recharge Rate: Medium
  • ‘Deploy a box of ammo and equipment for you and
    your teammates’

The Munitions Box is the first Field Upgrade available to
players from level 4, when you unlock the ability to customise your own
loadouts. It can become very handy if you do not want to run the Perk Scavenger.

This is because if you are able to live long enough without dying and gain multiple kills, you’ll soon need more ammo.

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 This can either be done with Scavenger, picking up an enemy/teammates weapon when they die – this can be hassle – or using the ammunition boxes that are scattered around different maps. Although, making the trip to a munitions box may get you killed.

So, what’s the next best option? Yes, using the Field
Upgrade Munitions Box. Not having to worry about running out of ammo when you’re
on your way to a Nuke, or one or two kills of your next streak.

Those of you who play game modes such as Ground War, Domination and Headquarters, can really benefit from this one.

Dead Silence

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SHHHH: You'll give nothing away with Dead Silence

  • Recharge
    Rate: Fast
  • ‘Temporarily
    makes your footsteps quieter. Kills refresh duration’

Dead Silence has made its way into many of the previous Call of Duty titles, although, as a Perk and not a Field Upgrade. With Infinity Ward heavily focusing on the realism aspect of the game, footsteps can be heard very clearly when playing the game.

To counteract this, using the Dead Silence upgrade would be ideal for those of you who like to be stealthier.

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At launch, Dead Silence made footsteps quieter but not
completely silent. Nonetheless, this has been changed in a patch over the
weekend, making footsteps completely silent.

This is ideal for either Search and Destroy or Cyber Attack. This is because both of these require you to be more tactical when playing. Being silent in 1v3 situations could really make the difference between a stunning win or a disappointing loss.

If you don’t know which upgrade to use Dead Silence is definitely
one to be considered.

Trophy System

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Defence: If you need to hold a position this is vital

  • Recharge Rate: Fast
  • ‘Deployable autonomous defence system that
    destroys up to three nearby pieces of equipment and projectiles’

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is already known for its very powerful Lethal and Tactical equipment. Flash Bangs hurt our eyes, Stuns stop us from moving and Frag Grenades, well, bye bye.

With both Lethals and Tacticals being so powerful in this year’s Call of Duty, the Trophy System is a perfect counter. This is because it is able to destroy anything being thrown at you which can cause harm or stop you from playing to your full ability.

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Using this on game modes such as Cyber Attack, Search and Destroy, Domination and Headquarters will give you a competitive advantage over your enemy team; on top of this you are helping your team!

The Trophy System is a Field Upgrade that will almost
certainly be used in the pro circuit of CoD.

Field Upgrade Pro

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TWO FOR ONE: You don't have to pick with this one

  • ‘You can now equip 2 field upgrades instead of 1’
  • ‘Choose between them on each activation’

Field Upgrade pro is unlockable in the later levels of Modern Warfare and is an ability that everyone should use. This is because it gives you the options to choose between two upgrades in-game.

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This would be ideal for a Search and Destroy game, using both Dead Silence and Trophy System would allow you to use the right one in certain situations.

For example, if you have the bomb planted it’s unlikely you
will need Dead Silence so throw a Trophy System down to stop the enemy from
using their equipment against you.

Let us know down below which Field Upgrades you have found
yourself using in games and why?

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