Call of Duty Modern Warfare review round up: Infinity Ward's latest shooter is a hit with critics and fans

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is finally here.

After months of build up, two terrific weekends of beta play, and more anticipation than was really healthy, Captain Price returns to take Call of Duty back to the glory years.

After the low user scores of Infinite Warfare (3.8) and WWII (4.3), can Modern Warfare revitalise the franchise and capture some of the old magic that made MW2 such a huge success?

We have gathered reviews from across the gaming world to see just what the community thinks about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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PC Gamer - 8/10

"I can smell the piles of Activision money burned to make Modern Warfare look, sound, and animate this good. And it was worth it, because arcadey shooting has never felt more forceful.

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SILENCE: The surroundings may be pretty, but they are deadly too

"The campaign shines when it focuses on individual conflicts. There’s still plenty of military jargon spoken over satellite images before missions, but it’s generally preceded by cutscenes with characters interacting like people. The greater geopolitical chess match is relegated to background noise in what is, essentially, a revenge thriller." - Morgan Park [Full review]

GamesRadar+ - 4/5

"It's less Shock and Awe, and more contemplative overall; more precise and more consistent in its creative vision, direction, and execution than its spiritual predecessor. Modern Warfare doesn't feel like a collection of missions stitched together, but a desperate race against time.

"It's a fun and frenetic shooter that delivers in all of the ways that you'd hope and expect it too." - Josh West [Full review]

Gamespot - In progress

"These missions range from large-scale, high-octane firefights to a carefully planned raid on a terrorist hideout with less than a dozen enemies total.

"Undeniably the highlight of Modern Warfare's multiplayer, Realism mode is somewhere between the familiar Core and Hardcore modes, bridging the gulf between them." - Kallie Plagge [Full review]

Game Informer - 8.75/10

"The most rewarding multiplayer experience is a new mode called Gunfight, and it's designed for just four players. These 2v2 matches unfold on tiny square maps that deliver immediate action and end almost as quickly as they begin, since only two kills are needed for a team to win a round.

"It still delivers a hell of a multiplayer experience." - Andrew Reiner [Full review]

Metro - 7/10

"Modern Warfare is an impressive achievement and deserves to be taken seriously." - GameCentral [Full review]

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ALL ACTION: CoD returns in all its glory

Daily Star - 4/5

"Movement feels fluid, while using weapons is punchy and rewarding, extra graphical fidelity adding to the feedback in gunfights, to make it satisfying whether you're unloading a heavy machine gun at approaching vehicles or picking off a lone sentry with a silenced rifle.

"The most impactful level in the game is one of its smallest, which has you moving from bottom to top in a Camden townhouse, taking out terrorist threats in a claustrophobic house that really does feel like it's in North London." - Jake Tucker [Full review]

The Daily Dot - 4/5

"What 2019’s Modern Warfare campaign gets so right is the same thing its originator did. Every battlefield, no matter how big or small, is never a straightforward fight.

"I never quite expected to like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as much as I did, but here we are with a game that can mostly stand on its own merits. Multiplayer is accessible, yet by no means casual, and it’s all enough to drag a dabbler like me further in." - Joseph Knoop [Full review]

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