When can we expect Black Ops Cold War Season 5 to start?

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Black Ops Cold War Season 4 provided a ton of content over the main and reloaded updates, and Treyarch knows that. However, they promised us the biggest year in Call of Duty history so it looks like the only way is up! Black Ops Cold War Season 5 is due to release this week, here's everything you need to know.

LATEST - Season 5 Roadmap revealed

The content roadmap for Black Ops Cold War Season 5 has been revealed, so now we know exactly what to expect come 12 August.

When Does Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Come Out?

Although Black Ops Cold War Season 4 was originally due to end on August 10th, it looks like Season 5 is going to start a little later. Treyarch has confirmed that the Black Ops Cold War Season 5 release date is actually August 12th. This means we should see an extension to the current season to match up with this.

We don't know when we're going to find out more, but this is just over a week away so expect to hear something in the next couple of days.

What Are We Expecting To See?

We don't think Treyarch are going to change up the way they introduce new content to Black Ops Cold War much in the next seasonal update; This means we can hazard a guess at the type of content we're going to see.

We should see at least four weapons added in Season 5. Shotguns and Launchers are both categories that are particularly small compared to the rest of them and Light Machine Guns could do with another weapon to bolster the selection on offer.

In addition to this, we should also see a few new maps added to Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer modes. We don't know what's coming just yet but we can imagine at least one of these maps will be a returning locale from the Black Ops franchise.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Release Date Rush Bulldozer
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WAS RUSH A GOOD PICK? - What old Black Ops map do you want to see remastered next?

On top of all this, we should see at least two new Operators added to the game. Mason has been long-rumoured and narratively, it all points to him as one of the next characters to be added to Black Ops Cold War's roster. Mason, Lazar, and Hudson are the only three prominent characters from Black Ops Cold War's campaign that aren't available in the Multiplayer yet.

Hudson is the CIA's announcer and Lazar canonically could be dead, with Park being an Operator. This leaves Mason as one of the few known characters that could be added.

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