AC Valhalla crash fix update coming later today

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Ostara Festival has recently begun and it offers a wide array of new challenges and a few new cosmetic items to players.

However, following the recent title update, there have been some pretty major issues with the title.

With this in mind, Ubisoft is releasing a hotfix update ahead of the next major DLC expansion that should fix any crash issues with AC Valhalla going forward.

Release Date & Time

Title Update, which Ubisoft hopes will fix any crash issues with AC Valhalla, is due to launch at 12:00 GMT / 08:00 ET / 05:00 PT on March 26.

" We'll be deploying an update tomorrow, March 26 at 12:00 PM UTC*, to address the crashes faced by players since the release of the Ostara Festival. Settlement decorations and decoration quests will be reactivated with this update."

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It is also worth noting that Settlement Decorations and Decoration Quests linked to the Ostara Festival will be reactivated with this update. So, if you can't find them right now, that's why!

Ostara Festival

The Ostara Festival is the latest limited-time event in Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Ravensthorpe.

Much like the Yule Festival, it brings back a number of "Camp Activities" like Drinking Contests, Archery Practice, and Brawling.

AC Valhalla Crash Fix Update Ostara Festival
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FESTIVE - The Ostara Festival event celebrates Spring in AC Valhalla

In addition to this, though, the Ostara Festival also introduces an Egg Hunt and plagues the woodland around Ravensthorpe with a "Ghost" problem.

There is also going to be new event-limited cosmetics and a number of additional gameplay features which will be available in Assassin's Creed Valhalla going forward.

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You can check out a brief summary from Ubisoft below:

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