What is Apex Legends Heatwave?

The Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event has also brought out a new limited-time mode titled Heatwave.

Adding an extra level of difficulty to duo and trio matches, this one will definitely keep you hot under the collar.

Also included in this collection event are some new patch notes, new cosmetics, and of course this new LTM.

Playing this game mode can earn Apex players a bunch of sunny cosmetics which can be used outside of the game mode.

But, with the new challenges added in Heatwave, how will you cope under the sun's hot rays?

So, let's look at what Heatwave is in Apex Legends, how to play it, and the rewards gained for playing the LTM.

What is Heatwave in Apex Legends?

Heatwave is a brand-new LTM which is featured in the Sun Squad Collection Event.

Players will play with duos or trios in this game mode as they fight each other and also with the heat of the sun.

When competing in the matches, the sun will temporarily burn at its brightest and cause players to take heat damage.

This can be negated by hiding in shaded areas or picking up some shades from care packages to block them out.

As many players run to hide in the same location, things are going to get heavy in the small locations, leading to more fights.

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Cosmetic Rewards

Of course, as with many LTMs, players can earn some summer-themed rewards for playing this new game mode.

Apex Legends Ash heirloom
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The event begins on March 28 2023 and runs until April 11 2023.

So, this gives gamers 2 weeks to earn all 24 of the limited-time rewards given in this game mode.

Collecting all 24 of these items also comes with an extra reward given with Ash’s “Strongest Link” Heirloom.

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