Is Apex Legends Mobile crossplay?

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Apex Legends is a game known for its community. Be it the creativity to discover new mechanics or the willingness to grind out the best skins and tags - they are clearly a very dedicated bunch. If you're looking to play the brand new Apex Legends Mobile crossplay, here's what you need to know.

Is Apex Legends Mobile crossplay?

To put it simply, no, Apex Legends Mobile is not crossplay. Or at least it won't have crossplay between mobile and console / PC. iOS players and Android players can still play together when it eventually arrives. Unfortunately, the mobile launch is only planned for Android users right now. It should eventually come to iOS.

It seems that the staggered launch of Apex Legends Mobile is there to try and incrementally change the game. They are working on tonnes of small updates, as opposed to one big one. This should help them greatly in regards to balancing. The mobile ecosystem is rather fragile so they will need to really finetune the experience to avoid losing out on that player base.


Will Crossplay come to Apex Legends Mobile?

It seems very unlikely we will ever get a full form of crossplay. Apex Legends Mobile is built with very different tech, utilising very different hardware. This would make balancing the two experiences incredibly different. It seems unlikely Apex Legends Mobile will ever have crossplay.

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In order to do so, the team would have to change up the entire experience on mobile to fit. As well as all of this, there is an exclusive new legend coming to Apex Legends Mobile and both versions of the game are getting their own exclusive events and skins. This means both versions are aiming to have their own experiences. Although you may never be able to play with your friends on console, the team plan to offer enough to play both versions.