Apex Legends Wintertide Collection Event - Everything you need to know

Apex Legends is celebrating Christmas with the return of its Wintertide event in 2022!

Respawn Entertainment and EA have now released details of the event all included in a handy trailer.

With a bunch of new content coming to the game, it definitely IS the season to be jolly.

Players can expect some new skins, a limited-time game mode, a reward tracker, and much more.

This season of Apex is about to get ice cold.

So, let's look at the new content coming in the Wintertide Event 2022 for Apex Legends released in the official trailer.

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Apex Legends Wintertide Event Trailer

It's all well and good to describe what to expect in the new Christmas event in Apex Legends.

However, Respawn have released a trailer showing players what will be included.

The new limited-time mode, Winter Express, was shown as a seasonal fan favourite in all its glory.

New holiday skins were also briefly shown in action as we see Wraith's new prestige skin, 'Apex Voidshifter'

There are other new details such as a reward tracker also mentioned within the trailer.

However, let's take a more in-depth look at what players should expect.

What to Expect in Wintertide

Here is everything we know about content in the new Wintertide event.

Winter Express LTM

Winter Express is back!

The limited-time mode is returning to bring good tidings and tense battles.

Players will see three squads fight to board and capture the Winter Express train as it races around World’s Edge.

Apex Legends Event Items

Pay tribute to the deadliest winter legends and collect 24 themed limited-time cosmetics!

Apex Legends Wintertide Event
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Wintertide will include limited-time Legendary cosmetics for...

  • Bangalore
  • Crypto
  • Newcastle
  • Valkyrie
  • Gibraltar
  • Bloodhound
  • with complementary weapons
  • Wraith’s new Prestige skin, the “Apex Voidshifter.”

Apex Reward Tracker

Players can earn up to 1,600 points per day, and challenges refresh daily.

These challenges also stack with the Battle Pass so that players can complete multiple challenges at once.

Store Tab

Explore limited-time offers in the Store tab including...

  • Elf Made Pack” bundle
  • Mane Event Pack” bundle
  • Swish-buckler” bundle (only available December 13–16)
  • Death Dealer Bonus” bundle (only available December 16–20)
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