Apex Legends Winter Express 2022 - LTM release date, details, and more

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Apex Legends Winter Express is a beloved limited-time mode (LTM) which is set to return before 2023.

With only a month or so to go before the new year, players are worried this may not return.

However, official information has surfaced which may indicate that this mode will be returning soon.

The Christmas-time game mode is much loved by fans and players are ready for the return this year too.

Hopefully, players have asked for this on their Christmas list so Father Respawn can deliver the goods and get us this mode.

However, let's take a look at what we know about the Winter Express game mode with its release date, details, and more.

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Winter Express in Season 15

A discussion with Senior Design Director Evan Nikolich gave us some light on the current LTM situation.

Seeing as the mode has not been in the game since 2021, it's high time that we see this mode return for Christmas.

Apex Legends Winter Express
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Evan Nikolich explained that..

"Yes there is a chance."

of the game mode returning to the game before the year is done.

Whilst this doesn't bring much hope to fans, it has become a tradition to have this game mode at Christmas time.

And seeing as the last three years have brought the mode to the game, I don't see why 2022 would be any different.

However, this is the only piece of information we have to go on before we can get too excited.

So, until there is more news, we should take this with a pinch of salt.

Winter Event Release Date and Time

We don't yet have any official information about a possible release date, time, or much else.

However, we can look to past release dates to speculate on when the next LTM will be added to Apex Legends.

  • December 12 2019 – January 7 2020
  • December 1 2020 – January 4 2021
  • December 7 2021 – December 27 2021

So, in 2019 and 2020 we saw the event run over into the new year. However, this changed in 2021.

Christmas skins in Apex Legends
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With more events, such as Magic Witch, having leaks released, we could expect this LTM to release a little earlier.

Winter Express may well release on the same date as last year but is very unlikely to run into the new year.

However, until we get any official information, all we can do is speculate.

Check back here to find the latest information we get from Respawn Entertainmentent.

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