Apex Legends Season 7: Double XP announced, zone damage buff & more!

The latest season for Apex Legends has been out for a number of days now.

This new season is a big one, and adds a new map, a new Legends and even a vehicle to the game.

However, fans of the game noticed one disappointing feature at the start of the season.

The Battle Pass was far too difficult to level up, and some players have even lost progress! Let's see how Respawn has fixed this now.

Apex Legends Double XP

Apex Legends recently put out a tweet saying that they are activating Double XP in the game.

This is to combat an issue that was noted by some players with regards to the Battle Pass levels.

The original issue has been fixed by the patch, and the double XP is an attempt to help players recuperate their levels.

The issue itself was that players who had accumulated 9 out of 10 Battle Pass stars for the week would lose progress for that level.

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With such a difficult Battle Pass in the first place, this angered many players, hence the fix.

Update Feedback

Many players are happy with the quick fix, as it also buffs the damage in the zone.

This comes after players were able to heal in the zone on the 5th circle.

Apex Legends Season 7 Trident Location
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VEHICLES: The latest Season includes the game's first vehicle

Pro and casual players alike have been pleased with the update, as it certainly helps improve the fairness in the gameplay.

However, audio issues remain, as a number of users commented on the games often silent footsteps.

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Hope remains for an audio fix in Apex Legends, but it hasn't arrived with this update!

Season 7

Season 7 launched earlier this month, adding a host of exciting new features to the game.

Apex Legends Season 7 Olympus Hydroponics where to drop loot
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STAR WARS: The latest map seems to resemble the Millenium Falcon

The new map Olympus, which hints at a Star Wars crossover, is a refreshing addition to the game.

Similarly, a new Legend in Horizon and a new vehicle in the form of the Trident are exciting new elements of the game for players to use.

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