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Apex Legends Season 7: Battle Pass changes following community backlash

The new Season 7 for Apex Legends is here, bringing with it a host of cool new features for the Respawn game.

However, this new release didn’t come without some backlash, as the community commented on the battle pass.

As the game also hit Steam, players have noted the incredible grind element of the new pass.

Thankfully, the Apex Legends team have already addressed this, but have they done enough?

Let’s check out what changes the team have made now!

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The Season 7 Battle Pass changes

Firstly, the changes seem to have addressed the XP needed to get a Battle Pass star.

Apex Legends Key Art 4
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NEW COSMETICS: The new battle pass has some awesome cosmetics

Initially, the amount of XP needed to gain one star was 10,000 XP. This led to some players grinding for 6 hours to achieve just one Battle Pass level.


However, the team at Respawn have now changed this to 5,000 XP, halving the needed amount.

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This should make the Battle Pass, and the rewards within it, more worthwhile for all players.

Why was the Battle Pass so hard?

In the tweet addressing the issue, the team at Apex Legends made two comments with regards to the initial XP needed for each Battle Pass level.

Apex Legends Battle Pass changes
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BATTLE PASS CHANGES: The team addressed the changes in this tweet

Firstly, they said that they wanted to make sure that the game was engaging for the entire length of the season.


Secondly, they want players to try new Legends and playstyles.

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In wanting to get players to do these two things, Respawn Entertainment made the Battle Pass extremely difficult to level up.

Why was it so ‘grind-y’?

The truth is, the community still doesn’t know.

Apex Legends Horizon Gravity Lift Ability
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HORIZON: The new Legends has some crazy abilities

In a Reddit thread, the communications manager for the game stated that the dev team themselves weren’t aware how difficult the Battle Pass was.

The team effectively came to the realisation that someone should have called this out earlier.

However, we are happy someone is doing the work to address this now!