Apex Legends Season 17 Legend Leaks - all new legend leaks

Apex Legends has already revealed some new leaks for season 17, despite being a while until its release.

These are further developments for the leaks released before season 16 which thought Ballistic would be the next agent.

Of course, he was expected in the live game on the launch of season 16.

But, now it's looking like he will be released in season 17 of the game due to more leaks revealed.

If this is true, he is also expected to bring a new feature linked to a game closely tied to Apex Legends.

So, let's look at the leaks for the next legend to be released in season 17 of the game and what players should expect from this.

Revenant Reborn Leaks

Various leaks from Apex Legends data miner Thordan Smash have referenced a new revenant titled Revenant Reborn.

Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends
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Apparently, official playtesters for Respawn Entertainment have spoken to him about this new legend.

As another version of Revenant, if this legend is released into the game, it looks like the legends will be in for a fright.

There has also been a rundown of his abilities and what players should expect from him.

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Ballistic Leaks in Apex Legends

Ballistic was heavily leaked before the release of season 16 of the game.

There have been some new leaks which show his full character model, rather than his headshot for the game.

Apex Legends Ballistic Leak
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If these do turn out to be accurate, then there is lots of detail going into this legend with a bit of fan service for good measure.

Each of the leaked images shows Ballistic with different outfits, and skins, which shows the level of depth that respawn Entertainment has gone to.

Ballistic also had his abilities leaked a few months ago which work well with the design shown in this leak.

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