Apex Legends Ultimate Crypto Guide - abilities, playstyle, weapons, and more

Apex Legends Crypto has risen to popularity in season 16 with his big strengths in the game.

Crypto's biggest strength in his kit comes from, his numerous vision abilities and how they help the team.

Vision in a team battle royale game can be the difference between a hard win or a hard loss.

So, having Crypto within your team is always perfect to ensure you don't miss anything in your peripherals.

Despite gameplay in season 16 of Apex Legends being speedy and aggressive, Crypto takes the time to assess before going into a situation.

So, take time for yourself and get to know Crypto on a personal level with this guide.

Let's look at the abilities, playstyle, and more important information about how to play him in season 16 of Apex Legends.

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Crypto Apex Legends Abilities

Here is the full kit of Crypto in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Crypto abilities
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  • Neurolink (Passive): Whenever Crypto releases his Drone for surveillance, everything the Drone marks for up to 30 meters is also detected by his teammates.
  • Surveillance Drone (Tactical): The piece de resistance of Crypto’s kit, he can launch his Drone to explore up to a certain distance. Aside from being able to mark enemies and other useful items, the Drone can use Survey Beacons and Respawn Beacons remotely.
  • Drone EMP (Ultimate): Perhaps Crypto’s most devastating offering, Crypto can load and launch an EMP blast from his drone. Not only does this slow down players and destroy traps, but this also deals 50 Shield damage.

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Crypto Playstyle in Apex Legends

Crypto's playstyle in Apex Legends is very different from many other legends in the game.

Octane would be considered his direct opposite with his speed and high damage.

So, if you're looking for a much slower-tempo game of Apex Legends, then taking Crypto would be your best bet.

Crypto in Apex Legends
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This slowness comes from his focus on information sharing and vision.

The first step to safety is to ensure you know your surroundings, and this is what Crypto shines with.

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Paired with his drone abilities, he really excels in scoping out the landscape.

So, don't jump into danger with Crypto, keep a safe distance, survey the area and relay this back to your team before engaging.

This will ensure you stay alive for long enough and secure a win.

Loadout Recommendations for Crypto

Although Crypto is perfect for giving teammates information, he will also need some lines of defence to make sure he stays alive.

So, making sure you have the right loadout for him is a good way to make sure you're prepared.

Apex Leegnds spitfire
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As damage is put on the back burner for Crypto, it's important to have a weapon which will put out some high damage in short bursts.

And what better weapon to achieve this than the M600 Spitfire (LMG)?

Versatile weapons are also very useful as Crypto may be put into many different situations with his play style.

For this, the R-301 Carbine (Assault Rifle) is a good way to deal with this.

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