Apex Legends: New Stories from the Outlands short confirms new Legend

Apex Legends just keeps getting better and the latest Stories from the Outlands short - and the news about Season 11 - proves that. Here's the latest on what we've learnt. Ash is coming alongside a new SMG and some interesting map changes...

UPDATE - Ash has been confirmed!

" Ash is done just overseeing the games: she's ready to win them and prove she's the Apex Predator."

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that Season 11 is going to be subtitled "Escape" and that Ash is going to be the next playable Legend to enter the Apex Games. We should find out more about how she's going to fit into the current roster in the next couple of days.

STORIES FROM THE OUTLANDS - When does it drop?

Respawn Entertainment's next animated short is closer than you might realise. If you check out the YouTube Premiere below, you'll see what we mean. The next Stories from the Outlands short is due to be released at the following times:

  • 08:00 October 18th PST
  • 11:00 October 18th EST
  • 16:00 October 18th BST

We don't have an official title yet, but the teasers all point to this being about one person: Ash. She's popped up in Apex Legends' Arenas mode - and Titanfall 2 - and it looks like she's finally going to make her debut as a Legend of the Apex Games.

TEASERS - The breadcrumbs being left...

Over the last week, Respawn Entertainment has been sharing a few images and odd GIFs that all suggest Apex Legends' Horizon is going to "wake up" Ash - who is actually her ex-assistant.

It can be a little complicated if you haven't been following the narrative, but here's what we know from the teasers...

"How to wake up."

"You're not alone."

Then, there's this unusual GIF with a few numbers.

Shrugtal, a data miner and Apex Legends community member, has suggested the following based on the teaser we've seen for the Stories from the Outlands short that's dropping today.

Each Stories from the Outlands short is shot in a different style - could this one really be a live-action short? If it features other Apex Legends characters, this could be huge. There are only a few hours left to wait, in any case.

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