Apex Legends Raiders Event Release Countdown: Start Time & Patch Notes

The Raiders Collection Event brings a lot of new content to Apex Legends, and it's now live!

That means players can try out the Winter Express LTM, a huge selection of pirate-themed cosmetics, and unlock Wattson's Heirloom.

Here's all the latest on the new Apex Legends event and how it works.

UPDATE - Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Now LIVE!

Respawn Entertainment has finally opened things up for the new Apex Legends Raiders Collective Event to begin, so players can hop in-game now to try out all it has to offer!

Check out some of the great new cosmetics on the line below:

A better look at new Raiders skins

There's nothing new to talk about in the build-up to Apex Legends' next Collection Event - Respawn Entertainment has laid their cards on the table and we're just left waiting for the update now. We do, however, have a better look at some of the Raiders Collection Event cosmetics on display.

Respawn Entertainment has been showcasing individual event-limited skins on social media in the build-up to the Raiders Collection event itself. Check them out below...

Burial At Sea - Revenant

Deep Current - Wattson

We should see a couple more highlighted between now and when the Raiders Collection Event starts...

What should you expect from the Collection Event?

Respawn Entertainment's new Collection Event is going to introduce 24 pirate-themed cosmetics - some are available in the new Reward Track, some are available in the Apex Legends Store, and some are available in Raiders-specific Apex Packs.

Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Release Store Rotation
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If you collect all of these, you'll be able to get your hands on Wattson's Heirloom item - which is one of the most complex Heirloom items we've seen so far! Check out our first look at it below:

The Winter Express LTM is also making a return, however, Respawn Entertainment is adding an interesting twist in the wake of Apex Legends' Arenas mode. Legends can now choose their own equipment loadout before jumping into a round of Winter Express. It's a minor tweak, but it should help make this mode more accessible to Apex Legends players in general.

Looking for Patch Notes? We've got them right here

It looks like Apex Legends' next update isn't going to be quite as revolutionary as the last - there's going to be a few important bug fixes but there's not going to be too many balancing changes.

That being said, here's what we know about so far...

Balancing Changes

  • Seer
    • Decreased Focus of Attention detonation delay from 1.6s to 1.4s
  • Arc Star
    • Sticks - Base stick damage lowered from 30 -> 10
    • Sticks - Shield Damage Multiplier increased from x3 -> x4 (stick on a shielded enemy will now max out at 40 instead of 90)
    • Sticks - Sticking an enemy now applies a slow debuff (reverting Legacy update change)
    • Non Sticks - Slow duration is now driven by distance to the centre of Arc Star detonation
  • Splatter Rounds
    • Removed increased magazine capacity
  • Crafting
    • Shotgun ammo, sniper ammo, and arrow crafting output reduced to a single stack

NEW Custom Reticle Color System

  • Found in "Gameplay Settings" under "Customize" option;
    • Select a colour from some of our recommended favourites
    • Use the colour and brightness sliders to find that perfect colour
    • Manually enter an RGB colour
    • Toggle between 4 different hand-picked environments to preview your reticle

Legend Gameplay Fixes

  • Wattson: Fixed the issue with fences “sticking” when trying to place a node near a fence.
  • Wattson: Fixed bug for cases where Wattson’s Fence nodes ignored player collision.
  • Wattson: Fixed bug with the blueprint line not showing up to signify where the fence will be created.
  • Wattson: Fixed issue where Caustic’s Ultimate isn’t zapped by the Interception Pylon.
  • Wattson: Fixed bug where Arc Stars could stick to and damage the Interception Pylon
  • Ash: Based on feedback we’ve increased the audio presence of Ash’s Ultimate.
  • Ash will no longer “bleed” when shot and now displays sparks [like Pathfinder and Revenant].
  • Ash: fixed cases where a grid pattern would show on some rare and common skins.
  • Valkyrie / Revenant: Fixed a bug where using a Skydive with Death Totem at a specific time caused Valkyrie’s skydive to enter a bugged state.
  • Valkyrie: Fix for Birthright Skin where Valk’s jetpack control clips into her hands in the first person.

Arenas Gameplay Fixes

  • Arenas: Fixed bug where Seer could continuously charge his tactical after it’s reached zero uses.
  • Arenas: Reduced reconnect times since the matches are shorter than a Battle Royale match.
  • Arenas: Fix for missing ammo UI on the common, rare, or epic, CAR.
  • Arenas: Fix for missing horizontal black bars while spectating.
  • Arenas: Fix for cases where the Death Tab is missing from the shop window.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with a spot on Storm Point where players could camp in unintended areas near Command Center.
  • We also addressed multiple minor bugs around the map ranging from misplaced kill triggers and holes in geo.
  • Bocek Compound Fracture Legendary skin bug: Fixed an issue where players would still see iron sights when aiming even if another sight is equipped.
  • R-301 Dynastic Cycle Legendary skin bug: Fixed an issue with the gun using a mix of two different skins.
  • Fixed bug for cases where the Loba Edition displays “No Price Found” when viewed in the store tab.
  • Based on feedback we’ve reduced the SFX on reactive skins for the Volt.
  • Fixed bug where players were unable to scroll downwards when looting a death box or black market.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing players from getting Rampart’s Heirloom even after buying all 24 event packs.
  • Fixed bug where players could skydive faster after spamming Ping.
  • Fixed issue with players seeing the 888 Elite Mode Badge constantly unlocking.
  • Fixed bug where dive trails were not rewarded properly.
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