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Is Apex Legends coming to next-gen consoles?

With Season 9 due to drop soon, Apex Legends is more popular than it has ever been.

Now that we're into a new generation of consoles, players are wondering if the game will come to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 anytime soon.

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Apex Legends Next-Gen Release Date

"Respawn Entertainment is bringing Apex Legends to new platforms this year including the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. This award-winning battle royale game that took the world by great surprise last year just launched Season 7 - Ascension yesterday with its third map, Olympus, a new Legend named Horizon, the introduction of vehicles, and much more. Next-gen players can expect a performance boost up to 1440p, with more formal enhancements planned for next year. Apex Legends will also support crossplay across PC via Origin™ and Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5." - EA said a few months ago.

Apex Legends has been out for a while now and we still haven't seen it's next-gen optimization. We looked at reports of alleged development of Apex Legends coming to next-gen consoles back in April 2020, a year later it still hasn't arrived.

Can you Play Apex Legends on Next-Gen Already?


The short answer is yes, backwards compatibility of the game is available on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

This version of the game, while playable on next-gen, does not meet the standard of other next-gen games as it is not yet fully optimised for the consoles.

Playing Apex Legends on next-gen does however feature some minor improvements already, such as slightly enhanced graphics and faster loading times.

Players would still like to see something more, though.

When Is It Coming?

Apex fans are eagerly awaiting for the port for the next-gen consoles. There hasn't been any official announcement of a date for the release but Director at Respawn, assures us it is at the top of their priority list. Most recently during the AMA on Reddit regarding Apex Legends Season 8.

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There is still no official date for when Apex Legends will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but Respawn assures us they're working on it.

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