Apex Legends Next-Gen Crossplay - Can PS5 play with PS4?

The Apex Legends Next-Gen update has finally arrived. Although there are still some features planned for the future of the game, those on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have the ability to play a more impressive version of Apex. If you're wondering if PS4 players can play with PS5, this is what you should know.

Apex Legends - Can PS5 Play With PS4?

Yes, PS5 players can play with PS4 players. You simply have to boot the game up and you can find players across all platforms. Fortunately, cross-generation party chat exists on PlayStation so you can make it a little easier to join your friends. You can still just search for names in Apex making it easy to play with your friends.

When playing online by yourself, you should also come across players playing on PS4. It seems to be treated as part of the same basic ecosystem so it doesn't treat them too differently.

How to get the Next-Gen Update

Getting the next-gen update for Apex Legends is pretty easy. If you want to get it on your PS5 and already have the PS4 version installed, simply hover over the game and click start. From here, you can check the version and set the PS5 version to install. Once it is all done, delete the PS4 Apex Legends to save some space. If you have never downloaded it before, you can simply find the PS5 version in the PlayStation Store.

If you happen to play on Xbox Series X or S, it is significantly easier. All you have to do is connect your Xbox to the internet and let it automatically install. With Smart Delivery, it will update the game and delete the old one. This is a really nice service that cuts down on install time. Luckily, neither take too long. You can get in there and get it installed right now.

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