Respawn Entertainment opens up Apex Legends Mobile pre-registration

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EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile is now available.

One of the mainstays in the Battle Royale genre will be taking a similar approach to its counterparts in the space such as PUBG and Call of Duty: Warzone, in going for a handheld version of its game.

With that being said, here's how you can register now for Apex Legends' new mobile experience.


Apex Legends comes to mobile

Set within the immersive world of Apex Legends, its new mobile version will bring a unique twist on its gameplay while making sure that all of its features still remain true. Features like its recognizable character-based gameplay, its squad battles, and lastly its face-paced combat that gave the game its name in the genre will still continue to be part of the game.

Additionally, Apex Legends Mobile is built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices, making sure that each aspect of the game is represented properly. This includes the game's Legends, abilities, and locations that every Apex and non-Apex fan knows and appreciates. The game will also feature new mobile-only maps, gameplay modes, and more unique content.

Respawn Entertainment opens up Apex Legends Mobile pre-registration - new features
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment
UNIQUE: Apex Legends Mobile will bring on new mobile-specific features

It'll also feature streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations that take into account what it is to play on mobile devices, making sure that Apex Legends' competitive essence still remains true.


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Players partaking in Apex Legends Mobile matches will be able to team up with two of their friends, explore the new maps, equip themselves with any kinds of weapons they can find, and take on the world.

How to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile

Players can look to be among the first to join Apex Legends Mobile by pre-registering now!

In order to pre-register, players can visit the official Apex Legends Mobile website in which they will be prompted by two clickable buttons.

The first button will be specifically for devices that utilize Google Play such as Androids, and the second will be for IOS for iPhone users.


For Android users it's quite simple, it'll redirect you to the official Google Play store allowing you to pre-register. Once you click on the pre-register button that's it. A notification will arrive once it's all said and done.

For IOS users, it's a bit different. Once you click on the IOS icon you will have to fill in their personal information such as email, birthdate, and country in order to receive notifications.

Once players are all pre-registered they will be able to partake in the Battle Royale and all its glory in just a palm of their hand.