Apex Legends Magic Witch Event - Legend and weapon skins, leaks, and more

New Apex Legends leaks have shown some new weapons and legend skins for the next event in season 15 titled Magic Witch.

Season 15 is going on as the longest season in Apex Legends and the next event is celebrating Catalyst.

With the WIntertide event also coming up soon, we are not quite sure when this event will fit in.

However, with only a month left of this year, we should expect this to come soon.

Respawn Entertainment are very ambitious, so maybe we would be looking at an overlap of events.

So, let's take a look at the leaks for a new legend and weapon skin in Apex Legends event, Magic Witch.

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Apex Legends Magic Witch Event Leaks

Some skins for the next event in Apex Legends season 15 have been released.

@SenosApex is the reputable leaker on Twitter who has revealed the next skins to be released.

The animated skins show the flow of glowing blue-green liquid which does have some themes with Catalyst.

With four weapons included in these leaks, there looks to be some pretty new content coming to the game.

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Leaked Magic Witch Event Legend Skins

However, Respawn isn't a company to skimp out on new cosmetics in events.

Alongside these leaked new weapon skins comes four new skins for some legends in-game too.

So far, there isn't too much known about what they will look like. But, the legends they're being released on have been revealed.

So, we should expect epic skins on these legends...

  • Ash
  • Lifeline
  • Rampart
  • Valkyrie

However, as these are currently only leaks, we should take this information with a bit of salt.

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