Kings Canyon changes revealed for Season 8 of Apex Legends

Season 8 of Apex Legends is almost here, and with it come a massive selection of changes across its iconic King's Canyon map.

Explosive Remodelling

The main hook of Season 8 is Mayhem, and the introduction of new Legend Fuse has shaken up Kings Canyon in a big way.

Respawn Entertainment have revealed a big update which shows off all the changes that have been made to the map.

The changes promises new rotations, new gameplay options, and an overall expansion of the space available for players to get into brawls.

Artillery explosion
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Artillery has a new look

The emphasis of the map is on allowing teams the ability to rotate through various areas easier, with more access points Artillery and the tunnel that led to containment have been torn open by explosions, giving players new ways to navigate and plan ambushes.

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Slum Lakes Becomes Spotted Lake

Slum Lakes has also been devastated, and in its place is Spotted Lakes. These new contaminated lakes are covered by a Filtration Dam that provide a wealth of new angles of attack, with new exterior and interior loot zones available

Changes to Slum Lake in Apex Legends
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Spotted Lakes looks to be a new hotspot

Farm Chokepoint Removed

One of the biggest changes that will please players is the update to removal of the Farm chokepoint.

Respawn have said they've listened to players, who were finding it a frustrating spot on the map. They promise that removing it will provide "more breathing space between towns and one less hotspot for people to ambush from."

On top of these changes there are also new Observation Towers that provide amazing coverage for snipers, with the caveat that they need to be raised by players, and doing so will alert everyone nearby.

Finally, many of the loot bunker across the map have been replaced by Explosive Holds, new loot containers that can be accessed with the use of one of your precious grenades.

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