Apex Legends Servers DOWN during Evolution Collection Event

Apex Legends servers are down for many players as the Evolution Collection Event is just kicking off!

Here's all the latest news on server status, and when fixes may arrive.

LATEST - Respawn Comment on Server Issues

Respawn have come forward to clarify that the Apex Legends server issues are indeed part of the 10.1 patch.

In the Tweet, the team suggests that these server issues are isolated to joining lobbies on the new patch - though many have also reported issues buying skins and accessing the game at all.

As the team tackles these issues we'll update with the latest details.

Apex Legends Servers Down During Evolution Event

The Evolution Collection Event is in full swing in Apex Legends, at least for those players able to get in despite server problems.

Apex Legends servers down reporting Down Detector
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PASS IT ON: Apex Legends received a sharp uptick in server problem reports on Down Detector

Many players are reporting issues getting onto Apex Legends servers at the moment, with a sharp spike coming right when the new collection event went live.

For now, EA has yet to comment on the server problems, but we expect to see news soon on one of the company's social channels.

This means that for the time being, there are no workarounds or fixes for the current Apex Legends server issues.

Stay tuned as more info is revealed, and we'll have all the latest news on the Apex Legends server issues here.

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