Apex Legends Control - Old favourite game mode returns for collection event

Apex Legends Control LTM

Apex Legends has seen a ton of limited-time modes come and go over the years, including gun run, shadow royale, and more. As Season 16 approaches, a new collection event has dropped, and with it, another old favourite which will breathe some life back into the Apex Games.

Control has shown up a few times before in Apex, as a respawn mode with a much faster-paced feel. Here's everything you need to know about when it drops and how you can try it out for yourself.

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What is Control?

Control paths away from the usual Battle Royale action in Apex Legends, and is a respawn mode. You can die as many times as you like and respawn, with the central objective being the main goal rather than kills.

Apex Legends control
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Two teams of 9 players battle it out over different, and ever-changing control points on one of the maps. These will be much smaller than you might be used to and will take sections from existing Apex Legends Battle Royale maps to play on.

The limited-time mode will be much faster paced than many players are used to, and in a confined space you'll be able top wreak havoc with abilities. If you can adapt your playstyle well though, you'll be able to take over a fight with ease.

Apex Legends Control Maps

In the Spellbound collection event, control will take place on three separate maps, with smaller sections taken from maps in the usual rotation. Players can drop in and engage the enemy on Lava Siphon on World’s Edge, Hammond Labs on Olympus, and Storm Point’s Barometer.

Apex Legends Control
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With a wide variety of terrain and buildings on offer, each map will require a different playstyle, and suit different legends. Knowing which one to use will be more important than ever, as you'll start to feel the heat when you fall behind.

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