Apex Legends Catalyst Prime Bundle - Natural Selection Skin, Weapon Skin, Frame, & How to Redeem Them

An Amazon Prime membership goes a long way beyond just the welcome benefits on the platform, including tons of free goodies across a number of popular video games.

Apex Legends Prime Bundles are some of the most exciting, and this time around is no different, as the new Catalyst Prime bundle has arrived, and it's stacked with some great cosmetics.

With that, here's what players can earn from the Apex Legends Catalyst Prime bundle and how to redeem it.

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Apex Legends Catalyst Prime Bundle (Natural Essence)

Apex Legends players with active Amazon Prime subscriptions are eligible for the latest bundle, one offering a number of cosmetics for Catalyst, for free!

This bundle includes the following for free:

  • Natural Essence Catalyst Skin
  • Gem Shredder Weapon Skin
  • Autumn Winds Catalyst Banner Frame

You can see these cosmetics in action in the trailer below.

Players can redeem this bundle from November 17th - December 15th, so make sure not to miss out before it's too late!

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How to Redeem Apex Legends Prime Rewards

For players looking to pick up this month's new freebies, here's how to redeem the Catalyst Natural Essence Prime bundle in Apex Legends:

  • Navigate to Apex Legends' Amazon Prime rewards page here (only the furthest left rewards are currently redeemable)
  • From here, select the Catalyst Natural Essence bundle
  • Then select "Claim Now"
  • If this is your first time linking your EA and Amazon accounts, you'll need to log in with your relevant account information before the bundle becomes redeemable via "Claim Now"

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